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  1. EmJZ

    Have you seen Dermalogica's latest ad?

    quote " Aesthetician is a word for people who deal with Aesthetics. It's about being pretty. It's temporary. It's less that skin deep. We (Dermalogica) believe in skin therapists. Educated professionals who know how to keep our skin healthy for life. Who knows the difference between quick fixes...
  2. EmJZ

    Brisa Lite - tip & overlay

    I typically sculpt when doing extensions. However I have a client tomorrow that I will need to use tips with. I used to do her nails a couple years ago with Bio Sculpture tip & overlay (she moved and has now moved back) I no longer use Bio. So my question is - what is the proper procedure...
  3. EmJZ

    A tiny bit excited and proud

    ....of myself! I was contacted yesterday from NailPro Magazine. They want to do a feature of me on their website in an upcoming issue of "Nailed Down". It should be published sometime in March :)
  4. EmJZ

    A tiny bit excited and proud

  5. EmJZ

    Spring 2013 Limited Edition Additives

    Just saw this link pastels in Shellac and now neons in additives .... love love love that they listen to us techs!! :) 2013 is the year to be a CND tech that for sure! CND Additives Sparkle – s 2013 | Solessence
  6. EmJZ

    Steps for L&P removal?

    I have some questions for all you L&P users. I have a client that has booked in for Friday. She would like her acrylic removed and gel applied. Being as I am only trained in gel, not acrylic, could someone talk me through how to remove them? I know from other threads that they are soaked...
  7. EmJZ

    Unsolicited advice to clients

    Dear unorganized clients, It is not my fault that you waited until 9:30pm the day before you need the appointment to call/text/e-mail/message me about said appointment and I cannot accomodate you. You knew your family member's wedding/graduation/special event was coming for quite some time...
  8. EmJZ

    IBS Las Vegas

    Hello fellow geeks, was just wondering if any of my fellow north american geeks are planning on attending? Or are any partaking in the nail competitions? I am unable to go but was curious :)
  9. EmJZ

    Insurance - rant

    Oooo, I'm so ticked off right now. Just got a call from my insurance provider. I have all of my insurance bundled together with the same provider. They just told be that they can no longer cover my van as a mobile tech. they had a bad claim recently regarding a mobile tech and airbrush...
  10. EmJZ

    Prize donation

    Hi fellow geeks, I have recently been asked to donate a raffle prize to a silent auction. I thought it would be a great way to get my name out there :) So here is what I've come up with. pic's are at the bottom of post. Included is: Gift Cert for indulgent mani 2 Essie Polishes an Essie Top Coat...
  11. EmJZ

    Essie Brand "effects"

    I have recently seen that Essie has what they are calling effects. I was wondering if anyone has tried them and if they are similar to the CND effects. I currently use CND effects with all my polish lines which includes Essie. I thought I might try the Essie version as well if they are any...
  12. EmJZ

    Apollo T100 HVLP Machine

    Has anyone used this machine? If so, did you like it? Anything you didn't like? The info I've read sounds good, and there is a training date coming up, but some feedback would be nice:)
  13. EmJZ

    En Vogue UV gels

    Hi all, Recently the owner of the salon I work for mentioned that she was talking to a rep that offers en Vogue gel systems. She wanted to know if I had heard of them before and what they were like. I currently use Bio Sculpture and have never heard of this brand before. I was hoping one...
  14. EmJZ

    Bio-Sculpture Question

    Hi all, My question follows another thread about sealing nail art. I currently use bio-sculpture gel and was wondering if you could use a final coat of sealer gel or S-gel to encase the nail art. Not sure with this brand if it would just peel off because of the shine of the polish. If...