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  1. goldigga

    Online makeup diploma

    I've been looking for an indepth makeup course and bridal makeup preferably not a one day one, I could go to college to study my hnd but it's full time and I can't leave my work to study, there was the HND course part time at a makeup academy but it was £**** which I can't afford, there is a...
  2. goldigga

    Girls/teen makeup

    I'm looking for some advice,I run a girls pamper party business,it's doing really well and the Makeup package is proving popular. I only really do eyeshadow, blusher, lipgloss and some glitter as it's just for fun and there's sometimes 6 girls to do. My age range is 3-13yrs,although I'm finding...
  3. goldigga

    Timings for pamper parties

    For those of you that offer these in a salon how much time do you have in between to tidy up/setup for the next party? Thanks
  4. goldigga

    Help with insurance

    Looking for advice on the best place to get public liability insurance for kids pamper parties? I will be doing these from a rented room within a salon any help?
  5. goldigga

    Best place to buy kids satin robes?

    As the title says, looking for kids satin robes? eBay ones are mostly from China so not sure what they'll be like quality wise,anyone have these? Thanks
  6. goldigga

    Ideas for a onesie party?

    Anyone have any ideas of games or things to do at a kids onesie party? Was thinking of making a child friendly truth or dare game? Any other ideas? Thanks
  7. goldigga

    Anyone have a girl’s party room/salon?

    Just like the title looking for anyone who runs a girls salon/party room that does Kids pamper parties?
  8. goldigga

    Renting a room?

    I'm looking at taking the plunge and renting a room within my salon to do kids/hen parties,the room will be mine 7 days a week so I can use it when I want, obviously I want to only be working 5 days but can any of you tell me if they make enough money from parties to cover their rent and make a...
  9. goldigga

    Not vibrant enough

    I did a colour today and it didn't quite go to plan,the client is a base 6 and had already been having highlights (half head),today she asked for a root fade going into a a red/violet,she had a picture,I done a few more finely weaved foils on top feathering in V formations,I rinsed,dried off...
  10. goldigga

    Help with banding

    Hi, This is a question about my own I'm a natural warm level 7 and at the moment I have the root drag look with a 5/1 root and pre lightnend ends that are toned with ash,my problem is my roots were getting too big as I was getting them done every 4-6 weeks and just putting a toner...
  11. goldigga

    Should I take the risk?

    Sorry in advance if this has been asked a 100 times! If there's already a few posts on thus please point me in the direction So I've just finished my level 3 hairdressing and although I work in a salon junioring 1 day a week I have no other income,I've been offered a small salon for a really...
  12. goldigga

    Looking to achieve this colour

    Hi,I decided to change my hair today at work so basically I'm a natural red head about a base 6 but had build up of colour and 66/44 over bleached balayage,I had my ends lifted with bleach and 6% and although it's lifted well I'm wanting to have a nice peachy/light copper like this,anyone goto...
  13. goldigga

    Starting out in a summerhouse

    I'm looking to set up a hair & beauty salon from home and I'm looking at summerhouses,just looking for advice on sizing,obviously needs to be a good size but not want to spend a fortune on something and how easy is it to get a backwash fitted etc? Whats it like in winter? How do u heat them?Any...
  14. goldigga

    Cutting practice

    I've just finished my level 2 and about to do my level 3 at college.I'm still struggling with my confidence with cutting and feel I'm not getting enough practice at college we only really get 1 or 2 clients a week and not always cutting.Im thinking of setting up a page on facebook to maybe...
  15. goldigga

    Colour help

    Hi I'm at college doing my level 2 just now and currently do families hair for experience I coloured my mums hair a few weeks back, she's the base of a 5 with no grey,she previously just boxed dyed her hair and her hair was a faded copper colour with about a 2inch root,she wanted a nice vibrant...
  16. goldigga

    Strip or bleach bath?

    Hi,I'm hoping to colour my sisters hair for her,she's a base 5 but has several red/plum box dyes on her hair and now quite faded,lm looking to keep her these colours but more vibrant and shiny.I was looking at a 55/65 koleston but Im wondering will I need to strip it first because of the box...
  17. goldigga

    Student fears

    Hi ladies I'm half way through my level 2 at college and I'm really enjoying everything except cutting! I just can't get to grips with it at all.I practice all the time on manequin heads and feel fine and confident when im doing it but when it comes to doing clients Im just useless and end up...
  18. goldigga

    What colours/how to get?

    Hi everyone Looking for some advice on how to achieve this look in the picture,I'm a natural base 6 and at the moment I have a purple into copper ombre using igora royal 6-89 with 0-89 added in then B red copper on bottom,I want more blondes through it or lighter copper pieces like the picture...
  19. goldigga

    In a desperate situation and don't know what to do

    I'm looking for advice ladies regarding a salon I'm renting space off just now,can someone please DM me as u really don't want to post it public and it's a complicated one,I'm in desperate need if advice Tia x
  20. goldigga

    Not sure what to do

    Hi everyone! Need some advice please,I'm qualified in most aspects of beauty and have been mobile for about 5years,I decided to go to college this year and do my level 5 hairdressing,I've just been offered a great opportunity to rent space in a beauty salon part time which will be a big help...