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  1. Jen889

    Lash lift - left with hard eyelashes

    It's most likely just glue residue. It will wash off
  2. Jen889

    Nail room décor?

    Just be careful, if your salon looks too close to Harry Potter you might be leaning on copyright infringement. Keep it magical and Harry potter-esc but try not to copy it entirely.
  3. Jen889

    Nexgen vs Entity dip & buff?

    So glad! It's really is a great system.
  4. Jen889

    Nexgen vs Entity dip & buff?

    I use entity dip and buff, my clients get 3-4 weeks out of it. I really think it was down to prep for your nails and application. I love the dip and buff from entity but you can't extend too far as they come off. You have to remember that with this system you're not building a proper apex so...
  5. Jen889

    Advice for my new home treatment room please

    If you can, take home some samples of flooring and test with acetone. See what happens. I have laminate in my salon and it's acetone resistant. I know you don't do waxing but I thought I'd mention that I actually clean the wax up off my floor with acetone. Work such better than oil or wax...
  6. Jen889

    Working from home with poorly children?

    Gotta love it when they tell you during their appointment! I had two people come in with throat infections (strep throat) last week and a few with colds. Now I'm all stuffed up for the holidays. Oh the joys!
  7. Jen889

    Working from home legally - US Geeks

    Do you have to have a licence in Texas? If so you'd have to check with state board to see if you are allowed to work from home. Some states dont allow it. You'd also have to check with your town/county and see if you can work from home. Find out exactly what their rules and regulations are.
  8. Jen889

    Ba humbug! It can't be just me?

    I agree with Christmas being too commercial. People go broke trying to get the biggest, best, latest gifts. This year my boyfriend and I decided to bake cookies for our family and package them up with a drink (hot chocolate, apple cider, wine etc) depending on that person's tastes. It's a gift...
  9. Jen889

    Taking card payments for nail services

    Do you not have an option for tips where you are? I'm in Canada so it might work differently. My card machine has an option for tips, it's also kept separate from my fees as it's not taxable here.
  10. Jen889

    Tassimo drinks machine - any good?

    Im not sure about the tassimo but the Keurig you have to open them and clean them. It's a pain, I do admit it. I prefer the nespresso, pop the pod in the bag and bring it in whenever I'm near the store. No cleaning lol
  11. Jen889

    Tassimo drinks machine - any good?

    You can recycle all the pods. Keurig and tassimo are plastic so you can pop them in the recycling bin. My nespresso I have a bag and fill it. Once full (or even before that, it's up to you), you can return it to any nespresso store for recycling. They have had a recycling program at nespresso...
  12. Jen889

    CND discontinuations?

    They have a TON of the mango hand wash at my local distributor but I'm in Canada lol
  13. Jen889

    Opinions of Madam Glam

    Definitely agree with Anna. They are ok. Bought a few bottles and they are super thick, leak into the cuticles and sidewalls no matter what I do. I find it's so thick you can't control the product very well. The bottles are different shapes and sizes. The only things I have liked are the matte...
  14. Jen889

    Skin peels

    Good lord! Are you sure it's acetone and not alcohol? All the peels I've used the prep product is alcohol based.
  15. Jen889

    Clients asking prices of pro products

    I always have clients who say "it must cost a lot to buy your products". I always answer with a slight laugh, smile and say back "yes, but it's worth it as I only bring in the best for my clientele." Tends to shut them up lol
  16. Jen889


    I think it's also why one should speak to their current salon owner to try and find a better solution before signing a contract at a new place. Sometimes, like this situation, the owner is understanding and will lower the rent :/ most don't want to lose a renter.
  17. Jen889

    SPF hand cream that doesn't affect nails?

    Doesn't contain SPF.
  18. Jen889

    When do you put your Christmas tree up?

    Just put mine up today. My house is officially decked out for the Holidays!
  19. Jen889

    Best gloves for facial/massage?

    I've had a facial with nitrile gloves done before. Honestly, you really cant tell the difference as nitrile heats up like your natural hand. Just make sure they are tight, perhaps a size smaller than you normally wear. But making sure they are comfortable and not cutting of circulation of course...
  20. Jen889

    Best Gelish black?

    Black shadow is really the only black offered by Gelish. I've never had a problem with it in the 5 years I've been using gelish. Just give it a really good shake.