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  1. jlsdds


    Does anyone have Sorisa Disencrustation Lotion in their basement? It was manufactured in Canada, but sold internationally. It hasn’t been available for years, but hoping it’s on someone’s shelf gathering dust.
  2. jlsdds

    Global reach

    Thank you, all of you, for showing that, no matter where we live, our level of skill and experience, or what products we prefer to use, we can all have a worldwide impact on our fellow nail professionals. Although I am in the US, I am personally happy to learn about products primarily used in...
  3. jlsdds

    Really clear gel top coat

    Every gel top coat seems to have a bit of yellow cast to it, even fresh and never used. I have a bottle of Brisa Lite that is getting low. Its the only top coat that is truly clear and won't yellow a pale color. Unfortunately, discontinued. I'm obsessively careful with top coats. I always clean...