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  1. Sarah Lou

    Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction....Anyone ever had it

    Hey girls, Has any of you ever had this (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) Im 20wks pregnant and in total agony, pelvis clicked out of place this morning, whilst bending down to get my shoes, never swore so much in my life. Midwifes sending me to physio but a few of my friends who'v had this...
  2. Sarah Lou

    My Fake Baby

    Did any of you watch this last night, anyone else think it was totally weird?
  3. Sarah Lou

    WII's in stock be quick

    Hey all, For those desperate for a wii this xmas, Just thought I'd let you know that additions direct have them in stock with 14day delivery just in time for christmas, just ordered mine there.
  4. Sarah Lou

    Internet bullying

    Hi all, Has anyone experienced this? We keep getting emails from, well, someone we used to call a friend, we blocked him on our email but he uses allsorts of other addresses to blatently harass us and insult us. I won't go into all the gory details but he accused us of lieing about a very...
  5. Sarah Lou

    Selling car ebay?????

    Has anyone had any experience of selling their car on ebay? Do they rip you off fee wise? I've never sold a car on ebay, having problems selling mine, someone suggested ebay but I need to get the most I can for my car as its to buy a headstone? Ive looked on ebay but can't find any info...
  6. Sarah Lou


    Clear out your inbox hun, I can't send you a pm :irked:
  7. Sarah Lou

    Chat with Santa on msn

    Hi all, Me and my kids have been chatting to Santa on msn here is his web address, just wanted to share, just add him to your contacts
  8. Sarah Lou

    Santa's Village a good site for the kids

    Chloe found this the other day, its really good she wrote a letter to im on the site and he sent a reply, lots of games to play, good little site for the kiddies. Heres the link Santas village Theres also this one aswell, again lots of games, check if your on the naughty or nice list...
  9. Sarah Lou

    New Website Link Swap

    Hey all, Ive done a new website just wanted your opinions on it, also if any of you want to swap links with me, fire em in here. I know some of you link swapped with me ages ago with my old website, if you know you have me as a link on your page this is the website address Sarah's Nail Bar
  10. Sarah Lou

    Lost season 3

    Hi all, Ive just watched episode 6, the best episode yet, don't wanna spoil anythig for you but if you thought season 2 was good, its nothing compared to season 3. Theres now a huge break before episode 7 is out Feb 7th I believe it airs in America. Can't wait that long.:irked: Any other lost...
  11. Sarah Lou

    What a talent

    All these were made out of marzipan, There amazing
  12. Sarah Lou

    Thanks to everyone

    Hey geeks, Had a phone call last night from Mary Chelsies nurse, informing me that the trust has revoked their decision and now apparently there jobs are safe :) so the ammount of relief I feel is un real. All they ever wanted to do was to look after the poorly kids, and now they can carry...
  13. Sarah Lou

    Help save Chelsie's nurses (please read)

    Hi all, Ipswich hospital are proposing cuts to all specialist nurses to save cash, Chelsies nurses jobs are in doubt. These are the only 2 CHILD oncology nurses in Ipswich and do so much, they look after every child with cancer within Ipswich and the surrounding areas but more importantly...
  14. Sarah Lou

    Sad News

    Tuesday 26th September my daughter lost her battle with leukaemia, she is now up with the angels. :cry: Her funurel is tomorrow. It was expected we have known for months, by princess is now free from pain :cry: Wanted to thank those special geeks, you know who you are, who have helped me...
  15. Sarah Lou

    ? for tanning geeks

  16. Sarah Lou

    Robbie Williams

    Hey all, I just cannot believe this, omg, Robbie Williams has heard about our daughters battle with leukaemia and he is donating 3 VIP tickets to his concert in Milton Keynes to raise cash for her and also the wish company that granted her wish. I just cannot believe this, they are to be...
  17. Sarah Lou


    Hey all, Im not sure how I go about this basically I have set up this forum, the thing is I want to link it to my website, are any of you clever enough to know how this works? or can someone show me how to do it.
  18. Sarah Lou

    All uk airports on HIGH alert

    Its on the news now, all flights from Gatwick suspended, 12 people arrested with liquid bombs. No flights to America OMG
  19. Sarah Lou

    ? for tanning geeks

    Hi, My best mate is getting married 12th August, we both have bad strap lines and were both wearing a strapless dress! My question is what would be best, a spray tan to cover these lines up or would a fake bake application be better. As you can tell I havn't got a clue. Bearing in mind...
  20. Sarah Lou

    Whats on your nails 14/7/06

    Hey geeks, What are you sporting on your nails or plan on doing? Thought it might be nice to see what everyone is wearing, you never know we might get some ideas to share around! I have L & P glitter tips,ez flow party train, stilleto shaped, with creative pink in zones 2 & 3.