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  1. moonails

    Rent options

    What is better in you opinion? Rent a desk or rent a space? Or even solely mobile? And why please? I just do nails xx
  2. moonails

    Phone tripod for filming nails?

    Any good overhead photo stand tripod things that you don't have to clamp onto a table please? Xx
  3. moonails

    Product expiry?

    Quick question: Do ScrubFresh and D Sperse expire?
  4. moonails

    CND on Groupon

    Has anyone seen that Groupon has the Shellac Luxe on offer?? Wouldn't think CND would allow this tbh, unless Shellac Luxe really wasn't doing well.
  5. moonails

    Quick-dry top coat?

    I am looking for a really good quick-drying topcoat for regular nail polish of course. Please can anyone recommend one that they have great results with?
  6. moonails

    Gloopy Shellac

    Just a quick question. If I use a well-used, gloopy Shellac, whether it's base, colour or topcoat, will it decrease the longevity of the nails ie will they chip quicker? With the popular ones, if I find that they are starting to get gloopy/towards the bottom of the bottle, I do tap them on my...
  7. moonails

    'Holes' in Shellac

    I have a client with somewhat weak nails. They are very short and always break when they get any length. They have been weak since before she started coming to us. She used to have acrylics but since she started with us we have just done CND Shellac. Everytime we apply the polish, even the base...
  8. moonails

    Emailing photos

    Just a quick thing... I emailed a salon enquiring about nail tech vacancies and they have asked me to email over some pictures of my work. Should I put like a 'watermark' or something on them and if so, I don't even know what to put on them. A little help please?
  9. moonails

    Supposedly late for work

    My contract says that I have to turn up 30 minutes before my contracted start time to prepare for the day aka have a cup of tea (which I don't do), clean up (the mess that the manager left the previous night when she was messing around with her friends in the salon), check we have everything etc...
  10. moonails

    Nail polish storage at home

    Hi, I have quite alot of nail polishes and was just wondering where people store theirs? I currently have mine in an Ikea helmer which is fine but I've run out of space and was wondering if there were any better ideas or if I should get another one? They are all over the place at the moment and...
  11. moonails

    Fibreglass resin burning

    I bought the ASP Fibreglass Resin from Sallys since my usual Soft Touch one ran out, and used it for the first time right after applying a tip. The girl I was working on said her nail was burning after I put it on the first nail, but even though that's never happened, I thought it was just...
  12. moonails

    Onycholysis treatment

    I have onycholysis on the majority of my nails after two of the girls in my college kept filing my nail plate during gel removal. They are very thin and bendy, like thin paper also and anything I do splits them and hurts so I'm wondering if I do a fibreglass treatment until the separation has...
  13. moonails

    Pink and white gel dips/bumps

    At college, we are using NSI Builder Clear as base thin layer, Builder White (which I am having trouble getting a smooth consistency with this product) and then Builder Sheer Pink behind and up to the white. I find that I am getting a dip behind the smile even when the pink is right up to the...
  14. moonails

    Nails Inc dilemma

    I've been offered a job at Nails Inc. The hours are slightly more than my current retail job, same days, but when I had the interview, there were so many points where I was like... is this actually what I want to do? I'm a shy person, not keen on stopping randoms and trying to sell sell sell...
  15. moonails

    Training hand

    I've been wanting to practise my acrylics and gels more and thought it may be a good idea to get one of those plastic hand things? Did a bit of searching on here and saw someone mention the Affiniti Practise Hand, Flexifinger and the Essential Nails Nail Trainer. I have had a bit of a look at...
  16. moonails

    Training Hand

  17. moonails

    Trade test - what to wear?

    Hi I have my first trade test this week for a spa. Very nervous. It did say we have to dress professionally, so I'm wondering what, other than uniform, could I wear that woukd also be comfortable enough to do nails? Any suggestions please? Also, we have to do mani with red polish, french...