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    Too much warm tone

    Hi there I'm a mobile hairdresser and would really appreciate your opinion on my lady's Hair. She had her hair coloured from base level 6 to 9 Ash but still has some warmth gold brassiness but Not a Orange colour coming through. More subtle than that. Does anyone have any advise on how to tone...
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    Wella freelights balayage

    Hi . It's my first time using Wella freelights on my lady. Very fine hair natural virgin hair level 7 She'd like to go to natural level 9-10 natural sun kissed look. Can anyone advise me on the strength of developer as the instruction say up to 5 level lift. Does anyone have anyexperience in...
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    Never used Wella hilift colours before

    Hello I have a lady who has level 6 cool tone hair ashy. She has light blue eyes and medium skin colour. She would like two colour blonde highlights through her hair to complement her own natural hair colour. Also I thought this method wil disguise some of her 10%grey hair colour around the...