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  1. sofia_sparkle

    Please help, new to tanning - Sienna X or Nouvatan

    Hi I'm just about to invest in a brand and really don't want to make the wrong decision as I did that in my early years with nails! I've had Sienna X in my mind all along but have just read some great things about Nouvatan on here. Also they are on VAT free until midnight so that will save...
  2. sofia_sparkle

    Which skincare line to invest in?

    Hi everyone I currently do nails but am training in facial skincare at the moment, my situation is that I work from a home salon and need some advice as to what would be a good brand for me to invest in?? I made some mistakes with my nails so really want to do my research and get this right...
  3. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish on post acrylic nails

    Looking for a bit of advice from the more experienced gelishers.... I have a client this evening that has been using acrylics for quite some time, i've had a quick glance at them already (as she's my daughters teacher!) and I can see they are very thin and slightly brown in colour. She wants...
  4. sofia_sparkle

    Portable couch that can also be used for nails?

    I'm currently a nail geek but am doing some new courses and will be moving into facials and waxing too. Currently in my room i use a manicure table but will be looking for a couch at olympia - do any of you know of a good one that is portable and also is good to work off when doing nails as will...
  5. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish getting wet

    Just did a regular client usually no probs she always gets between 2-3 weeks.... Anyway this time after I had applied foundation and cured she tells me she needs a wee! I wipe with sponge and send her on her way saying Be careful! When she comes back down she's washed her hands and the...
  6. sofia_sparkle

    French Gelish

    Hi everyone I currently use sheek white and simple sheer for my French which I love but keep getting asked for a more pink negligee colour with no sparkle... Any suggestions as don't want to make a mistake! X
  7. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish toes in 18g led lamp

    Hi all Can I just ask how you all cure your clients toes in the 18g - do you totally pop the bottom off or balance the lamp over the foot with the plate underneath! I'm asking as have had to Freak occurances in the last couple of days with big toes not curing and guessing it must be down to...
  8. sofia_sparkle

    One finger not curing

    Can some more experienced gelishers help! I've been getting on fine with the product and think it's fab and have invested in the 18g which I am so happy with. Rather perculiar though on 3 of my last sets I have had one finger that hasn't cured properly after the first coat of colour and have...
  9. sofia_sparkle

    UV versus LED

    Need a bit of advice, heading to excel on Sunday and need your thoughts on whether it is truly worth investing in the LED for gelish, i'm a mobile girl so not mega busy but does it do a better job as in do the nails last longer? I'm very confused!!
  10. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish summer colours

    Hi all Heading to the excel show in a couple of weeks and want to bump up my summer colours range, at the moment i have carnival hangover, go girl and passion any other sure favourties out there that you use?? Thanks xx
  11. sofia_sparkle


    Can anyone recommend a good insurance company to use? I've been qualifed for 7 yrs but am just really getting back into it now and am mobile based and only really doing manicures pedicures and gelish, i have 3 young children so am not working a huge amount just need to make sure i'm covered...
  12. sofia_sparkle

    OPI Colours

    Hi all As it's VAT free day this thurs at salon services i've decided to push the boat out and invest in some OPI colours, I want to get a small basic collection (thinking around 10) obviously going to be thinking of summer colours too now, as i've never used OPI before wondered if anyone could...
  13. sofia_sparkle

    Has anyone tried IBD Just Gel yet?

    Just picked up my replacement kit from Gelac to Just Gel, quite excited to give it a go, has anyone tried it yet?
  14. sofia_sparkle


    Just been to my trade shop today and been informed that as of 1st November ibd are changing the name of gelac to just gel, fab news as i've just had all my cards printed with gelac all over them!! Apparently it's a new formula that will not congeal in the bottle like some of the other ones have done
  15. sofia_sparkle

    nail art on natural or false nails?

    Hi all I'm doing my cousework and am a bit stumped on this question, what is the diffence on doing nail art on natural nails or on false nails? I've been all through my book and can't think of any logical reason what it may be... anyone have any idea's, would be so so appreciated!! xxx
  16. sofia_sparkle

    Blending tips - help!

    Hi all, i'm in the middle of doing my nail tech course and am having real trouble blending the tips so that you cannot see them when the overlay is applied. I file and file and then use acetone but it never seems to totally blend and then the next thing i know i'm taking lumps out of the tip, i...
  17. sofia_sparkle

    Can I just warn you all NEVER use the above website from USA to buy products. They are a bit cheaper which tempted me but I have had so much trouble. I ordered gelac from them, 2 of them came completely set, I have now received the replacement products after nearly 3 weeks and they are also...