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  1. bimbogeri

    Anyone heard of Ecotan??

  2. bimbogeri

    Teeth whitening?

  3. bimbogeri

    Does anyone know if Attitude polishes are manufactured in the UK?

    Sorry, bit of an odd question but one asked by a friend last night. She's very pro-British and was asking me if I knew which brands were actually MADE in the UK. The only one I could think that maybe is would be Attitude by Star Nails.. it's the only one I don't know for definite where it comes...
  4. bimbogeri

    Your favourite strengthener/treatment for brittle, peeling nails?

    I have a client who's just come back to me after a while of looking after her nails at home. She is on thyroid medication and has always had problems with her nails peeling at the ends which can get quite bad and negatively affects her polish wear. Her nails are also quite hard and very ridged...
  5. bimbogeri

    Where can I get paraffin wax in pots? Or empty pots to put it in?

    I am wanting to offer paraffin waxing as part of a luxury manicure but I only have a pot wax heater and I really don't want to spend money on a volume heater. Trouble is, I can't find anywhere that sells pot paraffin wax. Actually, that's not true, Salon Systems do one, but I don't like the...
  6. bimbogeri

    Wanted to recommend these suppliers - Palms Extra

    Hi guys. I just had to post to tell everyone what a great time I've had ordering from Palms Extra. They were featured in Scratch this month or last as the new supplier of Nubar nail polishes, but I was actually directed to them by the Nubar international website. Anyway, Alison and Mandy have...
  7. bimbogeri

    Old Scratch issue wanted (can't get Geekbay to work, sorry!)

    Just wondering if anyone has copies of Scratch they'd be willing to part with? Let my subscription lapse and I'm trying to fill in the gap between my old one ending and my new one starting. Looking for April - September if possible. Will obviously pay postage and a fee for the mags themselves...
  8. bimbogeri

    To anyone who has my link on their site, or would like to link swap

    I have just changed my business name and done a new site to go with it - I'm now no longer 'With Nails & I', I'm 'The Pink Room - Nails & Beauty'. If you have a link to my old website I'd be really grateful if you could change it to my new address - www. (without the space...
  9. bimbogeri

    Is my gel TOO hard?

    I've been doing more sets of gels recently but I've been having some problems with it on people whose nails are anything less then good, strong nails to begin with. It lasts fine on people with normal or hard nails but on softer nails I get lifting very quickly and on myself I get pocket lifting...
  10. bimbogeri

    Anyone know when the Creative holiday/Christmas products launch?

    A friend in the states has shown me pics of some of the stuff that's coming out including three lush-sounding chocolatey Scensations! I just wondered if anyone knew when they were launching in the UK? Still no luck getting Hyperion on email and I'm still not free to use the phone during business...
  11. bimbogeri

    Hyperion group email - is it me having problems?

    I know this isn't really the place to ask so apologies in advance but I just wondered if anyone knows if the email address for the Hyperion Group is right or if they are having problems as I've tried to email them a few times with no response and I don't know if the problem is at my end as I've...
  12. bimbogeri

    Got a trade test coming up, some help with questions to ask,please.

    I have a trade test tomorrow for a new store opening in Brighton, but, having gone down this route before (interviewed, offered the job, then turned it down cos it's not suitable) I wanted to get in all my questions BEFORE I got for the interview, to check I'm not wasting time - either for me or...
  13. bimbogeri

    Salon System's Thai Manicure - bit of a grumble

    Hi guys, long time no geek! Sorry to mark my return (again!) with a grumble! I was in Capital today and spotted that Salon System have a new manicure line out - Thai Manicure. It has extracts of tangerine, sandalwood and ginger in it, and as I am an absolute sucker for ginger, I decided to buy...
  14. bimbogeri

    I'm baaack my pretties, did you miss me?

    Arf! Of course not! But still, it is great to be back! I moved house in Feb and was prodomiantly sans internet, but we have just been kicked out by our loony landlady (through no fault of our own, before anyone starts casting aspersions on my impecable character :wink2: :D ) so I am back home...
  15. bimbogeri

    What will the Orly spring/summer collection be?

    We've seen the latest collections from Creative, OPI, Essie etc but I haven't heard anything about what Orly's spring/summer colours will be. Has anyone had any mailing from Graftons about them or seen anything around? I loved their last two collections and I want to see what they're coming out...
  16. bimbogeri

    Looking ahead, spring/summer styles

    Right guys, in an attempt to distract us all from the hideous weather and sub-zero temperatures (to all of you in sunny foreign climates :smack: :wink2: how jealous am I..), I thought I'd get you all thinking about spring and summer nail styles. It's coming up for the time when the nails mags...
  17. bimbogeri

    Looking out for the little guys, discuss?

    Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea before I start, this isn’t a rant. I’m genuinely interested in hearing about people’s own experiences and opinions on this, and would also love it if some of the nail companies could maybe get involved because I would love to hear it from the other side of...
  18. bimbogeri

    F/glass infill advice needed in a serious hurry!

    Hey guys, sorry for the urgency but I have a client coming to me in an hour who wants a one-off f/glass infill. She's a friend of a friend of my mum's and has her own tech but she's away on holiday and this lady wants an infill on her fibreglass wraps. I've never done a fibreglass infill before...