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    Lets share some marketing ideas for our buissness.

    Sorry one of the search engine for redg website is i make a mistake on the other post :o
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    Lets share some marketing ideas for our buissness.

    Sawasdee ka I will make this one more post and after post more later i do not have time for all now . Many ladys make small buissness cards i am the same but we have to give them out we have now made a big buissness card :) i will speak to gloria to post a photo of it later :o we put...
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    Lets share some marketing ideas for our buissness.

    Sawasdee ka Website traffic . There are over 200 beautifull nail artist websites in this site if u made your website to have customers you can but must redg with search engines . I have now put my website with search engines it is free you must use key words i used nail salon thailand...
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    Lets share some marketing ideas for our buissness.

    Sawasdee ka We want to be a nail tecnician we want it to give us a good income it is our buissness we pay for training we train and practice we buy our products now what . My salon is not on a high street the customers will not find me if i want customers i have to get them . In this...
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    New gallerys in my webs ite

    Sawasdee ka A girl name jeb come to my salon one day ask me if she can work in my salon to do nail i speak i want see you work first and she do me one finger the nail is very good but after she can not work in my salon she have to go to Bangkok but last week she come back to phuket come to...
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    Japan 3 D Nail Art stickers

    Sawasdee ka I am sorry for any one awaiting a pm or email today i will send you tomorrow i have many of the 3 d nail art stickers they are very good the japan ones are the best they are beautifull we have as well some 2 d from japan and 3 d from korea . I will be japan nail olylmics on...
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    New gallerys in my webs ite

    Sawasdee ka It is now nearly 1 oc in the morning so i make a very quick post i have put now in my website the nails by jeb she is a new tech from Thailand same me she learn with opi . She come to my salon on saturday make 2 set of nails one is blue with white flower 3 d and 1 is black and...
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    Who's not Creative Trained?

    Sawasdee ka on saturday i had a 5 hour 1-1 with a opi trained nail tech i dont care if they are opi ezflow tammy taylor creative or any other company trained if they can do great nails and can teach me a new technique and make what i do better i want to sit with them . All my training...
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    Paula ... show us ya nails!!!

    sawasdee ka Paula your nails r very beautifull . I have a very nice set of nails on my hands they are made by my friend she learn with opi in Bangkok they are with ezflow product she make them for me in my salon i have a 5 hour 1-2-1 with her to learn what opi show her . They are black...
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    How do we stop ebay OPI sellers?

    Sawasdee ka The only REAL professional product we have are liquids and powders and gels they are sold for professional use only . Nail color and all the treatments including cnd polish & sensations & solar oil etc are not professional products because they are sold to the customers from...
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    Waxing/Bad experience

    sawasdee ka My auntie do waxing for a long time she work in beauty now for about 10 year she teach every thing about waxing what is the problem please . Thank you mui
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    Japan 3 D Nail Art stickers

    sawasdee ka If you click on the photos with packet on page 1 you can see what they speak about the products in japan the first 10 are only come to japan 2004 and they come to Thailand only now and the price many are 3 uk pounds for 1 packet and some the first 10 in a box are 4 uk pounds post...
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    New step by steps nail art

    Sawasdee ka Before we have 2 young girls from geek ask us when we are going to put new step by step in my web site for nail art i am sorry we are late but before we do not have much time . I have put 15 new step by step easy nail art for you today they are in step by step page 4 ...
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    Japan 3 D Nail Art stickers

    Sawasdee ka It is easy . On all the collection we have there is a number you email me the number you want i will send them to you and i now have pay pal . If you buy more then 1 packet and you try them and do not like them you send them back i will give money back . I only want to...
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    Japan 3 D Nail Art stickers

    Sawasdee Ka For one year now we have tested many many nail art supplie to use in my own salon to retail in my salon and to sell other salons . So we had to try many to find some thing very very good the japan 3 D Sticker is beautifull and they have the pa and premium collections . We...
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    off topic but upset

    Sawasdee ka When 1 door close an other 1 opens :biggrin: . Every thing happens for a reason there is some thing better waiting for you now you must go find out what it is . I lost my hair dresser from my salon i looked for two weeks to find one new and i could not and the best hair...
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    E-File Competitions??

    Sawasdee ka I had a lady come for nails she was from America she said she had nails done for the last 20 years and she was shock that i do hand fileing and it has been a long time that she have done this way with hand fileing . E files are being used now in the usa a lot they do not look...
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    Ez- flow nails

    debs379 sawasdee ka Smell is 40 per cent less then other traditional monomers . Soaks off good we do the foil and acetone soak off . Ezflow do training course but i have trained myself i trained with another product ezflow is easy to use . I will do the 3 d course when i have the...
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    Ez- flow nails

    Sawasdee ka In my website gallery ezflow products for sale in Thailand you can see 2 photos of the ezflow boogie night collections it show all the colors the photos on page 2 the last 2 photos click for pop up . Boogie night walk of fame and boogie night dare to...
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    Poor JoJo

    JoJo we all in Thailand hope you are better very soon i am very sorry to read you are in hospital now . Mui from Thailand