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  1. sarahlou06

    Old Shellac, I'm talking ancient!

    Good morning to you all on this super hot day! After taking a break from beauty I have re found my passion and slowly building my client base again. I sold most of my beauty gear apart from my trusty shellac. I have obviously reinvested in the newer colours purely because they are so hard to...
  2. sarahlou06

    Tracie Giles vs Nouveau Contour

    Good afternoon, I have had a short break from treatments. I would like to re train in eyelash extensions to gain my confidence and update my techniques and after saving and lots of research perhaps look into SPMU. I would like to do the whole package, eyes, brows and lips. I would rather save...
  3. sarahlou06

    Martha Stewart glitter not so sparkly

    Hi Guys, So I ordered some MS glitter. Really excited to have a play. Paid a lot for shipping as I'm in UK. Really dissapointed! I mean the quality is great but can anyone tell me where does the best most sparkly glitter?! Xx Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  4. sarahlou06

    Shellac Dark Dahlia! 4 coats?

    Really 4 coats for complete coverage?! Is this just me? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  5. sarahlou06

    Gelish, Show Stopping vs Little Miss Sparkle!

    Hi Guys, I know in the past when I have ordered a super sparkly glitter colour in the past it has been disappointing, high voltage being the culprit! I just wanted your thoughts on these two gelish colours, which has the most 'oomph!' Thanks
  6. sarahlou06

    Infected finger!

    My brother is always picking & biting his nails, urgh! He now has this bad boy! He's doing the Buckingham to Brighton ride tomorrow bless him so not the most comfortable of situations! Any tips?
  7. sarahlou06

    Angry Shellac client

    Love shellac and usually have no problems with the system. One of my therapists had a lady in for a set of shellac on hands. A week later the client came back complaining of one chip on her index finger. My therapist kindly re did the WHOLE set for free. I was away at the time. She has now...
  8. sarahlou06

    New Shellac colours

    My friend just sent me this so thought I would share! 😍
  9. sarahlou06

    Spots after back wax

    Hi guys, Just a little concerned. I had a lovely gentleman in yesterday for a first time back wax. I use Lycon wax and there pre/post waxing products. He has come in today showing me red spots after his wax yesterday! This has never really happened before. I did say no hot showers or perfumed...
  10. sarahlou06

    Being ill & clients

    Typical the beginning of the week I was really quiet then Friday & today I'm manic but with a streaming cold! More clients wanted to book in but I just felt horrendous & re booked them. This is my first year of being open so feel I can't take a sick day yet! I did douse myself up to the mac &...
  11. sarahlou06

    Can I tint JUST lower lashes with e infills?

    I have a lady in this morning & I'm panicking. The receptionist booked her in for an eyelash tint & infills. I know I'm not meant to do this but believe me this client is scary! Can I just tint the lower lashes? I've been up all night panicking!
  12. sarahlou06

    I'm not a slave!

    Don't get me wrong I love my job especially now I'm my own boss, but some clients just expect you to work for free! Sorry 9-9 back to back & I am one stressed out geek. Long bath & bed for me 😍
  13. sarahlou06

    Oil handprint marks!

    Whilst doing a massage I have stupidly somehow created an oily hand print on my wall and it won't come off! I have tried the magic eraser but that was useless! Help?!
  14. sarahlou06

    For the love of dogs!

    Paul o Grady and Battersea dogs home; what a combination! Who is loving this programme?!
  15. sarahlou06

    For the love of dogs!

  16. sarahlou06

    Jinny lash

    Hi guys, I have searched for this found lots of interesting info that I had a ponder on but none on Jinny. I want to do a 'lash update' course & somebody said Jinnys lashes and glue are a dream. Has anybody had any experience with this brand?
  17. sarahlou06


    Sorry to bang on about Eve Taylor again, but I have finally completed my research & placed my big order! I have ordered literally everything lol & I cannot wait to see the delivery man with my box!!
  18. sarahlou06


  19. sarahlou06

    A light beige Shellac?

    Help!! I have a lovely lady in who is addicted to shellac. She only has very pale colours. This drives me crazy as she is a very heavy smoker and her nails are quite stained! She will never venture to the dark side :-( Anyhow for her next appt she has requested a light beige colour but...
  20. sarahlou06

    Eve Taylor candles

    Apologies if this has already been discussed (I did search!) What ET candles are your favourite/most popular? Thanks