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    Lets share some marketing ideas for our buissness.

    Sawasdee ka We want to be a nail tecnician we want it to give us a good income it is our buissness we pay for training we train and practice we buy our products now what . My salon is not on a high street the customers will not find me if i want customers i have to get them . In this...
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    New gallerys in my webs ite

    Sawasdee ka It is now nearly 1 oc in the morning so i make a very quick post i have put now in my website the nails by jeb she is a new tech from Thailand same me she learn with opi . She come to my salon on saturday make 2 set of nails one is blue with white flower 3 d and 1 is black and...
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    New step by steps nail art

    Sawasdee ka Before we have 2 young girls from geek ask us when we are going to put new step by step in my web site for nail art i am sorry we are late but before we do not have much time . I have put 15 new step by step easy nail art for you today they are in step by step page 4 ...
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    Japan 3 D Nail Art stickers

    Sawasdee Ka For one year now we have tested many many nail art supplie to use in my own salon to retail in my salon and to sell other salons . So we had to try many to find some thing very very good the japan 3 D Sticker is beautifull and they have the pa and premium collections . We...
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    book & magazine website

    Sawasdee ka Website with some nice books and magazines . Mui from Thailand
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    For Ant Buckley ezflow glitters

    Sawasdee ka Anthony I have the walk of fame and dare to dazzling glitter collections and i want to know please if you ever mix the glitters to make your own origional colors . Thank you mui from the land of smiles
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    New nail art in my web site from Mui

    Sawasdee ka For any young girl that is start nail art we have put new nail art in my web site in gallery 1 page 7 and 8 is all new and we think this page 8 is our best flower nail art that we can do for now . Only about 7 month ago we were only painting stripe we...
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    Internet web site

    Sawasdee ka This is a web site about research on mma you can click . Maybe sam can make the link work so it go there in 1 click i can not sorry . Test about mma they find can . Make depression of the nervous system in...
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    can we please share web sites adress for education

    Sawasdee ka I have websites that i go look all the time but i think there are many that some other lady go to that i do not know . The web sites i go to are . :biggrin: education education education...
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    Happy birthday welsh geek

    Happy birthday and enjoy every thing on your birthday your special day . from every body in muis beauty salon Thailand
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    Happy birthday to Claddagh nails

    Bernie happy birthday . Have a very very very good birthday . From every body at muis beauty nail salon Thailand we think of you and send good wishes to you all the time .
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    Muis Creative Conversion Gripe

    sawasdee ka I have a question to ask please . In America if a lady trains with ezflow and she wants to buy creative product does she have to do conversion course or is this only in England . If it is only in England who makes this rule . If a lady does not go to a company to train...
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    creative new product

    Sawasdee I read on beautytech board cnd are to have a new liquid name moxie do you know any thing about this product and if there is new powders same . Thank you mui
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    Jackie website many new photo

    Sawasdee ka jackie I just look your website again and when i look WOW . MANY MANY beautifull nail and i see antony buckley nails with lace inside and 3 d acrylic flower and very many beautifull nail of an other lady . Is jai from Thailand because jai is name of Thai people is member...
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    creative retail prices

    sawasdee ka Can you tell me please the price you sell the products in your salon to customer please because i do not know how to make the price . Creative hand and body wash 8.3 oz solar butter 3.5 oz solar manicure 5 oz solar speed 1 oz super shiney top coat .5 oz sticky base coat .5 oz...
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    Daisy cutter tips

    Sawasdee ka For karen at nails plus beauty or any body that have tried this tips can you tell me what you think of them please and do you use them in your salon . Thank you mui from Thailand
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    Free hand nail art competition start today

    sawasdee ka We are ready for the nail art competition i have posted everything on the beautytech board i will try post it all here today . Sometimes i can post in geek sometimes we can not we write long post and always goes back to sign in . we want geeg nail geek and debbie beautytech...
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    nail prep & primer

    Sawasdee ka I use in my nail service nail prep it balances ph dehytrates and sterilizes the nail i also use primer . I want to take primer out of my service will i have lifting if i do not use primer . Thank you mui
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    links for web sites

    sawasdee ka This month we will have my website on google msn and yahoo on number 1 page if what we have done is right . We think we will have many visitors to web site we have ask our web master to make us links page if anyone want to link us and we can link you then you can email us i...
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    Mags and other things

    Sawasdee ka I am shocked at how many emails i have today with ladys that speak about the thread about nail magazines . I think i used the wrong word in calling the mags terrible because of lack of tutorials /photos /editorial and are full of advertising . Maybe if i had used the words...