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  1. sofia_sparkle

    Please help, new to tanning - Sienna X or Nouvatan

    Hi I'm just about to invest in a brand and really don't want to make the wrong decision as I did that in my early years with nails! I've had Sienna X in my mind all along but have just read some great things about Nouvatan on here. Also they are on VAT free until midnight so that will save...
  2. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish help!

    Are you working near a window? The sunlight coming in starts to cure the product on your brush or it's being held to close to the lamp and that does it - I've made this mistake myself! Contact your harmony educator and they will send you replacement brush xx
  3. sofia_sparkle

    Nails techs and their children?

    I work from home and have a 4yr old son who is usually impeccably behaved but at the end of the day he is not a robot and can have the odd attention need - shock horror! My prices are on average at least 20% lower than that of the local salons and my work is better now than when i worked in a...
  4. sofia_sparkle

    Watery Gelish colours/lots of coats?

    I use 3 thin coats on all of them now, with ones like sea foam I give them a good roll for a minute before use x
  5. sofia_sparkle

    Possible to buff over gel polish?

    Wow well done you work quick.... Think I need to stop chatting!! X
  6. sofia_sparkle

    Possible to buff over gel polish?

    Just out of interest how long does your salon give you to do a gel manicure? I find prep is the thing that takes the most length of time and if not done properly can't get that neat application - I have been going over a couple of years now and still can't get much under an hour but the. It...
  7. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish Foundation advice

    I switched to the disposable hexagonal sponges from harmony and would never go back no fluff at all! Xx
  8. sofia_sparkle

    New Gelish colours. Love in bloom

    I mean put them on clients x
  9. sofia_sparkle

    New Gelish colours. Love in bloom

    Just out of interest I can see Lucy's nails have lasted well but has anyone else had problem with wear? Mine have been on for just over a week and have some wear but have had a full week with nails/waxing and facials!! Just want to be prepared as have used them a fair bit this week x
  10. sofia_sparkle

    New Gelish colours. Love in bloom

    Oh my goodness did my first set with love in bloom yesterday and was Si nervous after reading all these comments! Had the colour in my bra during all the prep and took me ages as I was trying to make sure it was thin, but trickier to work with but didn't have any disasters! Hopefully I'll speed...
  11. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish nails not lasting, please help

    On the next set try as best as you can not too hit either sidewalls or eponychium as once these are cured you can't rectify easily and if that's happened that could be where the lifting is happening as the nails grow with a ridge where the skin was touched. The foundation needs to be...
  12. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish dry wiping & fluff!

    The little haxagonal sponges from harmony are fab I wouldn't go back to a brush! X
  13. sofia_sparkle

    Which Gelish colours for the older lady?

    I work from home and mobile and at the moment charge £20 for gelish colour and £22 French however I do want to add a £5 mobile charge soon as so much extra work mobile! Also I do charge removal at £4 as if using harmony removal it's not cheap and takes at least 20 mins xxx
  14. sofia_sparkle

    The good, the bad and the ugly-Gelish colours!

    Just to let you know my go girl fades really badly and have heard others complaining on here too, much be worth checking with harmony before buying x
  15. sofia_sparkle

    Gelish nude?

    how about this Eur so chic? X
  16. sofia_sparkle

    Removal of acrylic charge before Shellac?

    At least £5 x
  17. sofia_sparkle

    Vitagel by Gelish

    Has anyone found when using vitagel on its own it shrinks back loads and looks curvy/uneven at eponychium/sidewalls? X
  18. sofia_sparkle

    Waxing and pregnant ladies?

    Thanks Kim x
  19. sofia_sparkle

    Waxing and pregnant ladies?

    Hi everyone can I jump in on this one? I am newly qualified and my first paying client is a 34 week pregnant lady who wants a full leg, I know her so know she is rather hairy! Is there any tricks for getting to the backs of the legs as I'm not going to be able to get her to turn over? Any advice...
  20. sofia_sparkle

    Dry brushing Gelish foundation?

    Hi I use little hexagonal sponges that you can order from nail harmony much quicker than dry brushing and really effective! Never tried a lint free wipe as would be worried fluff might transfer to nail x