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  1. Sarah Lou

    Sad news about Minkus

    So very sad, I'm an oldie on here, the good old nail geek days , amber was a lovely person I'm honoured to of worked with her, she inspired so many nail technicians and I'm sure all her students will agree. Sleep tight babe
  2. Sarah Lou

    What nails are you sporting today?

    These are mine at the mo
  3. Sarah Lou

    What nails are you sporting today?

    He loves me he loves me not :)
  4. Sarah Lou

    What nails are you sporting today?

    It's he loves me he loves me not
  5. Sarah Lou

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Gelish, with a little stamping :)
  6. Sarah Lou

    Show off favourite stamping plates

    Off the top of my head I think it's se06 it's in the encore collection :)
  7. Sarah Lou

    Show off favourite stamping plates

    My absolute fave is pueen encore, just bought the fireworks plate aswell that's gorgeous. The pic is from the encore collection :)
  8. Sarah Lou

    Gelish navy colour?

    My favourite bleu-tique :)
  9. Sarah Lou

    Recommendations for burgundy Gelish please?

    Rendezvous is lovely :)
  10. Sarah Lou

    What is your salon Facebook?

    Here's mine!/SarahsNailBaripswich?__user=826528915
  11. Sarah Lou

    Gelish 18g lamp getting hot

    Sounds like there getting a heat spike, could be that there nails are thin or the product is too thickly applied. Tell then to tap there fingers repeatedly this should make it disappear
  12. Sarah Lou

    Gelish help

    With that specific lamp I believe it's 20 seconds :)
  13. Sarah Lou

    Gelish help

    Hi with the mini pro 45 you have to cure for 45 seconds not 30. You are having problems as its not had a full cure Hth x
  14. Sarah Lou

    Konad wouldn't stamp

    I had this problem aswell. I bought the professional kit ( wernt cheap) so I was a bit miffed when I couldn't stamp my designs, I buffed the stamp, rolled it about to make it not so stiff, it worked a little but found it very time consuming, doing this constantly with a client sat infront of me...
  15. Sarah Lou

    Small nail plates, hardly any free edge. Tip or sculpt?

    I allways sculpt and use an Opaque powder to elongate the nail.
  16. Sarah Lou

    Stiff clients!

    This thread has made me lol, the stiffs drive me mad, along with the thumb squeezers. When I'm doing thumbs, certain clients squeeze my fingers so hard they cut off my blood supply. Aaaahhhhh
  17. Sarah Lou

    L&P Display

    Hi, Yes you can, I do this :)
  18. Sarah Lou

    Nail extensions

    The frostiness definately sounds like you've got crystallization going on and the salon temp is definately a contribute to this
  19. Sarah Lou

    Gelish help!

    Wonderful advice
  20. Sarah Lou

    Mobile polish holder

    I use roo rolls, you can get them in all different sizes Nail polish rolls - manicure storage - polish holders - nail varnish roll UK, to display my colours I use an unpainted tip display which fans out, client love putting these over their natural nails to see if they like that colour hth xx