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  1. Sam@mps

    Spa/salon range, any recommendations?

    Thank you for your recommendations. I'll give them both a look ☺️
  2. Sam@mps

    Hot wax

    Weirdly i've had 3 wax pots go faulty on me in 1 year!! One was Hive, Sienna X and another I had a while, dont know whats going on haha But like menioned above if you buy from a wholesaler like Ellisons or Salon Direct etc, you can get a replacement. But it does seem like a wax pot issue youre...
  3. Sam@mps

    Spa/salon range, any recommendations?

    Hi all, Im after some recommendations for my beauty salon, I was using Guinot and I do love their Hydradermie Lift etc, but I feel im ready for a change, as their products can be quite expensive to retail, or maybe im just not in love with brand anymore. I still use Environ, which is great for...
  4. Sam@mps

    Any recommendations on a drill to remove dead skin from feet?

    Thanks CFBS. I did go back to the good old fashioned rasp when the machine broke, and for the amount of fath setting the machine up, it's alot easier. I'll check out the callus peels thanks
  5. Sam@mps

    Any recommendations on a drill to remove dead skin from feet?

    I was using the Jessica nail drill. It wasnt bad, but the drill bits werent very good at staying in the machine :rolleyes: What does everyone else use?
  6. Sam@mps

    Lifting problem with gel nails

    I had this same issue and it drove me crazy no matter what I did! I was using Jessica Geleration and the results were so varied, with some lasting more than 3 weeks and others less than one. The only way I resolved it was change brand. Ive used IBD just gel for 3 years now, it's half the price...