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  1. mjmhair

    Balayge or foils

    Just curious how others might approach this situation. Client got a bad "hairpainting" job and was referred to me to fix it. two inches of regrowth level 4 and then it melts into solid caramel and a few lighter pieces and ends. She wants a rooty look which is essentially what she has but the...
  2. mjmhair

    Vapor iron?

  3. mjmhair

    Wella violet on a level 4

    Client has natural level 4/ fine hair/ no grey. She was a balayage and and we covered it with a level 5 color touch a few months ago so its dimensional and slightly lighter on ends. I would prefer to stay away from KP and illumina as shes pretty low maintenance and probably wont keep it up but...
  4. mjmhair

    Wella brown

    looking for a suggestion with a formulation for wella. I did a violet color on this client about 4 months ago. and I begged her to wait till after her wedding but she insisted. Now she wants to go back to a soft dimensional brown with a very subtle touch more of a dark root melting down for her...