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  1. cmynails

    Hi Gloria, Just calling in to wish you a Happy New Year and say hi after a long time. I have...

    Hi Gloria, Just calling in to wish you a Happy New Year and say hi after a long time. I have seen some of your work in Scratch - my my you are doing well!! Congratulations! Hope you are ok. We are fine here and I am still busy in the office and card-making. All the best for 2008. Carol xxx
  2. cmynails

    Ideas for nail art competition please

    It's a fantastic idea Mui..... hope you manage to pull it off. Good luck Carol
  3. cmynails

    Daily Mail -yesterday!!!!!

    I just noticed that Cutey has been thrust out into cyberspace so probably we shouldn't be taking too much notice of this thread. But anyway, I had read these posts yesterday and saw that there was supposed to be an article in the BMJ. We get this publication delivered every week cos my husband...
  4. cmynails

    A legend of a day

    Well done Debs .... and congratulations! Guess Glors doesn't know this yet - she's got pc problems again!! Anyway - let us all know how it goes on Monday!! Carol
  5. cmynails

    polish or poster paint

    Hiya fluffho! I can't say much about marbling cos I don't do it but I do know that normal nail polish is used. The best person to ask is Laystar and I know Glorsclaws has had some fab results lately too. For any nail art, I use acrylic paint which is water based. For free-hand, I just add...
  6. cmynails

    Monochrome Enhancements!

    Luv the idea of black and white Layla....... like Mrs Geek says, if you slim them down they'll look fab and sleek...... brilliant!! luv Carol
  7. cmynails

    Please help

    Aylin, Please let us know how things go and what transpires after your consultation today. Geeg, that is such a lovely thing to offer to do.... wow... reminds us that there are still some fantastic humans walking on the same planet as us !! :biggrin: Hope everything turns out well...
  8. cmynails

    will miss you all

    Aaah it's great to get the family altogether so have a great time anyway and hurry back! All the best Carol
  9. cmynails

    My Brisa Nails

    WoW...... that's all there is to say!! Well done Cutie!
  10. cmynails

    Breast cancer awareness nailart etc

    They are lovely Lucy. The blue ones - are they completely handpainted or is there some airbrushing in there? and what is the lovely red varnish - it looks as if it has a high shine.... Fab breast cancer awareness nails! Carol
  11. cmynails

    Freehand or Airbrush?

    I'd say that if you are going to offer nail art as a service and you can afford to set up with an airbrush and compressor etc. then I would go for it. You can't be over-qualified. I find there are still so many people who haven't got a clue about what air-brushing is so it's 'extra-cool' to be...
  12. cmynails

    Working from home

    Hiya Sammie, I work from home. Insurance is easy - just phone, pay, stick up the certificate and hey presto!! Advertising is the tricky thing because to advertise effectively, you have to look at the area where you are advertising. I am very particular about where I advertise because at the...
  13. cmynails

    I Wish I Was Antony Buckley !

    yeah me too - you must get a tutorial up for us all - maybe we should have a Stars in their Nails competition!!
  14. cmynails

    marco master class

    Hiya Dawn, Thanks for your pm.... based on what you told me I am going to find out more about a masters class with Marco and also a Brisa conversion course..... so I'd better get saving up!!! Oooh almost forgot... did you need to take a model with you? All the best Carol
  15. cmynails

    I need your HELP... Please...

    The few clients I have in the West Midlands all prefer short, square, pink & whites. Myself, I prefer longer square nails but have not been able to talk my clients into anything longer than working length. Also, even if I have been wearing air-brushed nail art, my clients lean towards pink and...
  16. cmynails

    What got you into NAILS???

    simple..... as with many others..... I had them done and thought, WOW - that's cool.... I'm sure I could do it.... bought the stuff, got into a right mess and then trained properly. Was a hobby that's gone a bit further than that!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT :biggrin: :lol: :biggrin: :lol...
  17. cmynails

    Brisa - Tell America all about it!!!! PLEASE!!!

    Wow Rhonda..... This makes such a change..... you normally get everything first in the US... films, products, music etc. I'm sorry you have to wait so long but all I'll say is............ it's well worth the wait!!!! Hope that's kept you chewing on your bone a bit longer.... cheers Carol
  18. cmynails

    electronic vibrating brush ?

    Mrs Geek, How about this...... the acrylic DOES stick to the client's fingers...... and SHE goes flying round and round ........... my God.... where's this all going!!!! lol
  19. cmynails

    electronic vibrating brush ?

    ooh Kim, Love the image in my mind now........ great pick up for a weekend!! Carol
  20. cmynails

    Parkyojin's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy your surprise dinner this evening.......... let us know all about it tomorrow!! Cheers Carol