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  1. Imported Photos

    Imported Photos

    These photos have been imported from our old gallery system.
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    Easter Nailart Competition

    I can donate a prize from my shop if you want if you let me know any detail lynda
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    salon and shop

    hi thank you for all of your replys
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    salon and shop

    hi I was just wondering how many of you would go into a clothing shop if a man was serving?I ask because hubby and me have opened a fashion shop womens clothes,cosmetics etc, In the back I have my nail studio which I open on thursdays and fridays he seems to think when im not there if a woman...
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    hi I am justwondering how many of you have male clients ?Ihavejust added this service to my menue because of enquires Ihave two booked for next week for cuticle work file and buff. what products is best to use and how much would you charge? I am going to charge £8.00 for this service and...
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    Nail Zoo website updated

    fantastic salon well done:)
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    Brico nail desk and REM filter, advice please

    hi thanks for your replys on this I have been in touch with manufactors they are going to send a new filter out as this one I have is not working the dust is gathering around the grid its only been used three times I will be returning this one to them, I hope it won"t be long, as I have got...
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    Home Salons and Extraction

    mine is built in to the desk im having a problem with it at the moment I am waiting for a call from the manufactures
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    pamper party co

    Hi can you give us any info on this
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    Brico nail desk and REM filter, advice please

    hi thanks for your reply i"m goin to give them a call tomorrow lynda
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    Brico nail desk and REM filter, advice please

    Hi everyone Two months ago I bought a Brico nail table with filter from R.E.M the table is great but i"m not sure if the filter is working properly there does not seem to be much suction in the filter its self, it does not clear the air of fumes or collect any dust at all I am wondering...
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    bath bombs

    Hiiv Just Opened A Gift Shop And We Supplie A Excellent Range Of Bath Rocks Bombs Etc Pm Me For Any Details Lynda
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    e- mail

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    Nail Enhancements

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    pictures of nail art
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    hi you can try
  18. nails


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    Nail geeks in the North East

    hi I Live In South Shields Dont Worry Any Move Can Be Daunting At First. Iwork From Home And Go Out Mobile As Well It Is Nice In Durham And Sunderland I Dont Travel Much Around That Area,but Once You Get Settled In Every Thing Will Work Out Fine
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    hi every Just a idea how do you all print your leaflets and brochures posters on shop windows I have just been given a laminater and laminated all my brochures and posters for windows this protects from spills and dust and clients have commented how proffesional they look lynda