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  1. cmynails

    Welcome back Glors

    Welcome Back Glorsclaws!!!!!!! and congratulations for getting your pc to work!
  2. cmynails

    Finding a model

    To all our 'winners' from Olympia 2004....... I just thoguht you could tell us something about the models.... What do you look for when choosing a model? The hands obviously have to look lovely for photos - are they AS important for judging or are marks given purely for the nails...
  3. cmynails

    Good Luck to all Geeky competitors

    Just to wish all of you who are competing on Sunday the very best of luck........ hope everything goes really well for you. Will wait with baited breath for the results.... I guess I'll hear from Dawnie's model Glorsclaws - if it isn't posted on the Board first. Oh..... and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY...
  4. cmynails

    Try Me Kit.... which one......

    Hi everyone, I really fancy having a go at another system.... I love my l&p but just for a bit of fun, thought I'd like to try either Fabric or Brisa....... I haven't done any other system before - either silks or gels so what do you Geeks think...... do you have a list of pros and cons for...
  5. cmynails


    Does Faze 2 have to be cured under a lamp? I tried it on a friend and about 15 minutes later, we wiped her nail with scrubfresh and off it came along with the colour underneath it!! :rolleyes: I guess we should have left it longer anyway, but I wondered about the uv lamp curing....... can...
  6. cmynails

    Airbrushing a mobile phone cover

    Hi everyone, I know this isn't strictly about nail art as such but....... I've bought my mum a mobile phone for Xmas and the cover's horrible and plain. Rather than buy her a snazzy cover, I thought it would be cool to airbrush the one that's on there already but I'm not sure how to go about...
  7. cmynails

    Sophisti Kate

    Hi, So..... did you see Eastenders and the first day of Kate's new Nail Bar? Nice name I think. We know that they have spent £2,000 on product but are they using a particular brand? I wonder what story lines are going to be introduced..... hope they are good for the nail business and not...
  8. cmynails


    Hi everyone, I am designing some flyers to post through letterboxes in the next couple of weeks to advertise my services. I only have a couple of regular ladies at the moment as I work from home. Wondered if anyone could give me advice on this. I especially want to know: Should I include...
  9. cmynails

    Aztek Airbrush accessories

    Hi, Does anyone know where we can order accessories for the Aztek Airbrush in the UK? Thanks all Carol
  10. cmynails

    Solar Oil

    Hi, Having caused damage to my natural nail plates over months of self-inflicted abuse [bad product application and removal] I was on the Creative Foundation Course last week and we applied p&w to our nails. I am so excited now that I have been practising a bit and decided to have another go...
  11. cmynails

    any results yet....?

    Has anyone received news yet of the competition results................? Geeg...... I think you'll be first to hear - please post when you know............ Thanks Carol
  12. cmynails

    Wish I was there

    Poor me can't go to G-Mex...... :( I really wanted to, especially as I joined this geeky site after Excel and have learned so much since. I just think if I went to a show now, I'd get so much more out of it. Anyway, I just can't go this time and that's that :evil: Oh well - I want to say...
  13. cmynails

    How do you come back down to earth?

    Hi y'all, Just finished the first three days of Creative Foundation Course with Jane Cooke our local, AB FAB Ambassador. She is soooo much a sweetie and made the training the MOST enjoyable experience with loads of belly laughs along the way. Thanks Jane - I think that goes from all of us...
  14. cmynails

    How long is the model required?

    HI y'all, I'm doing the Creative Foundation course next week and my model is required at 10.00am next Thursday. It's my daughter that's coming and she is having a post-operative dressing changed daily so will need to make an appointment with her GP. Is the model generally with you for the...
  15. cmynails

    A Little Diversion

    Hey, Just thought you might like to visit my parrot's web-site...... He's an African Grey parrot and for my customers love it when he sits in on the nail treatment. TTFN Carol
  16. cmynails

    Nail Bars

    Hi y'all, Was roaming around Telford shopping mall yesterday and came across a Nail Bar. Now these things are probably all over the place but I don't get out much and haven't seen one before. :rolleyes: It was just like a bar except you didn't lean against it with a bacardi and coke but a...
  17. cmynails

    dog watch

    Today, a chap came to our house, he's someone who has done some decorating for us and he came to look at some work so we know him but not that well. Anyway, he came in with a very lively, friendly dog who was jumping up at everyone and generally misbehaving. I thought this was quite strange...
  18. cmynails


    Booked my Creative foundation course and am soooo looking forward to it. Hope I don't bite my nails through being nervous!!! Starting the course on 7th October in Birmingham. Anyone else going to be there? Carol
  19. cmynails

    Home Salons -v- Shop Salons

    Hi Y'all Thought it might be interesting to start a topic [sure it's been done before] on thoughts about the differences between the home salon and those in the High Street with a shop window. Another love I have [apart from nails] is in Psychology [graduated in 2000 with Open University] and...
  20. cmynails

    Soaking off - groan............

    Hiy'all I soaked off a lady's very old extensions the other day and it took soooooo long. I follow Essential's training at the moment [not for much longer - am booking a Creative course!!] and I use wamred acetone, wrap the finger in soaked remover pad, then cover with a strip of foil and then...