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    Sweaty spray tans!

    Anyone else sick of this? The last couple of weeks of hot weather have played havoc with a few of my bigger clients...(and a couple of the skinny ones)....and even after asking them to wipe down with couch roll etc and blow drying them with the cool air from the gun they were still covered in a...
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    Salon Software advice please!

    Can anyone who has a busy tanning, nail and beauty salon WITH THREE OR MORE SUNBEDS please help me out? What software do you use? We have had Unisalons in the early days when we were starting out and it did us just fine but sadly the guy behind it passed away. We are now using a much more...
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    Salon insurance help?

    Just wondered if anyone can advise on the best insurers for a beauty and tanning salon with sunbeds. We have used Salon Gold in the past and were with another company (think Prestige maybe) last year but I didn't feel that I had enough faith in them.....hard to explain but seem to cover me for...
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    Reaction to threading!

    Just had a call from a lovely older lady who was with us for a full face thread on Monday. It was her first time and though she didn't have very much on her face she was especially conscious of the downy hair under her jaw line and nearer to her ears. She loved the result and said she didn't...
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    Skin care system for a small salon, which do you recommend?

    We need some help to select a skin care system to use in our new salon. We are not huge and we can't commit to thousands of pounds yet there seems to be a minimum order with so many companies we are looking at. Can you recommend anyone please?
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    Room Rental please?

    Has anyone got a suitable room/nail station rental agreement that they could PM me please? Agonising about this as we are renting our room out to various practitioners and I just want it to be right.
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    Do you rent or rent out a beauty room?

    Hoping that you can answer some of my questions re renting out some of the space in our newly extended tanning salon. We want different therapists bringing different things throughout the week, things that we don't or can't currently offer and so far have already agreed rent with a fab HD Brow...
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    Renting space in our salon

    Please bear with me on this as it could go on a bit! We are lucky enough to be expanding our salon into the shop unit next door and are hoping to be kitted out and ready in about 4 - 6 weeks. We have a huge retail outlet opening right on our doorstep so are excited about the new business it...
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    Huge no show appointment

    Geeks what would you do about this? We are over 50 minutes into a 'no show' on one of our busiest ever days. The client (new) booked about two weeks ago and for £140 worth of treatments. We asked for a deposit...she didn't bring one when she said she would. We chased her for it and she was...
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    Megawhite Teeth Whitening

    We were very impressed with the Megawhite Blue Fusion teeth whitening system at Pro Beauty yesterday and have put a deposit on this for our salon. It's an expensive investment, yes, but it's so quick (15 minutes) and totally painless so what's not to love!! The client opens their own sealed bag...
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    Heating your rooms!

    How do you all heat your treatment rooms? We are just about to expand from sunbed tanning, nails and spray tanning into all types of beauty treatments and need a good solution for the winter months. Last year we powered up the sunbeds in the morning and used some Dimplex heaters but that won't...
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    What's new out there?

    We are lucky enough to be taking on some additional space, probably within the next couple of months, and need to be thinking about how we use it best. We currently have three vertical tanning units, a spray tan room, a threading station and a nail station. I am thinking of renting out a room...
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    Really need advice on this one!

    I've been spray tanning the same client, who is also a friend, for over a year now and sometimes every week or two so have done loads of tans on her. Yesterday she was standing waiting for me to put her creams on and I noticed that one nipple was inverted...fully! It has NEVER been like that...
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    Tan fumes!

    Got a glut of tans this week.....52 from Wednesday till tomorrow as it's prom time. I love every minute and as a relatively new business it's been amazing BUT I don't wear a mask and as my hands, arms and feet are getting darker by the second I am worrying a little now that I should be!! That...
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    Groupon offer for a tanning salon?

    I know there are lots of groupon threads but my query is a bit more specific so can anyone offer me any advice? I opened my tanning salon back in early May and have been pleased with how busy we were for a new salon....however it has really tailed off in the last two weeks....partly weather...
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    Entity Colour Couture with Gelish?

    Anyone know if you can use the Gelish bond, base coat and top coat with Entity Colour Couture gel polish? I have the Entity kit and recently bought in some Gelish colours. My Entity rep is having a panic attack at the thought of the business he may lose if I buy more Gelish and has said 'Ooh...
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    How much to pay?

    Can any geeks help me with how much to pay a new member of staff. She is 18, almost 19, and newly qualified in NVQ Level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy (I think...interviewing her tomorrow so need to double check). Not sure how many hours a week we will need her yet but just wanted an idea of an hourly...
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    The best and worst of spray tanning!

    Just wondered if some of you wanted to share some of your best and worst spray tan experiences on here, funny or otherwise! They'll maybe make us all feel a litle more human knowing that it's not just happening to us. I've had a few memorable moments so far in my short spray tanning career and...
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    The best and worst of spray tanning!!

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    Is this the oldest spray tan client?

    I have just literally finished spray tanning an 82 year old lady as well as doing a gel polish on her (with glitter)! She was fantastic, so lovely, and when asked how dark she wanted to go she said 'Dark please...bring it on!!' I sprayed her in 14% Nouvatan and she did look brilliant. Things I...