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  1. Kellyc

    Spray Tanner required in Essex?

  2. Kellyc

    Spray Tanner required in Essex?

    Hi guys, i received a phone call from a man that requires a spray tan every 10 days he is a stripogram - calm down ladies lol!! he is living in Canvey Island at the moment and if anyone local to the area can help me please pm me, thanks x x
  3. Kellyc

    The Body Shop at Home....

    Hi guys, havent been on for a little while as i have been doing training with The Body Shop at Home and have become a consultant with them part time not only because its great fun but also as i want to enhance my clientele which just runs in line brilliantly and would recommend it to anyone that...
  4. Kellyc

    Facial Gauze

    Sorry to sound thick, but can anyone suggest the best place to buy facial gauze for paraffin treatments x
  5. Kellyc

    Not nails related - ann summers

    Hi peeps, not nail related but just wondered if anyone is an ann summers rep, or knows of one local to me been trying for over a week through their website and customer care number as me and my flat mate want to arrange a party and having no joy at all thanks in advance x x
  6. Kellyc

    Glamour Night - help

    Hi peeps, a local school to me is holding a Glamour Night on the 9th June and they approached me to see if i would like to take part, of course i agreed!, i am offering mini manicure and indian head massage, its only about 10-15 minutes treatment i think and there will be a list for people to...
  7. Kellyc

    Working from home dilemma...

    Sorry if i ramble on this lol!, but as some might know i currently rent two small rooms which i am considering giving up after some long hard and headache thinking, im 99% sure this is what i will do, however i am a little concerned as i have recently moved into a new flat (sharing with a...
  8. Kellyc

    Do i give up the room & go mobile?

    Hi guys, hoping you can all help me. I rent 2 small rooms in an office block but unfortunately it doesnt really get noticed. I have been there since October and have not gained any clients from it apart from every now and then, i only really have 2 regulars and a few friends every now and...
  9. Kellyc

    Has anyone heard of Bake On?

    hoping someone can help me, a client of mine always goes on about when she had her nails done at a salon before she came to me they used a product called Bake On which helped to dry nail polish, has anyone heard of this product? with thanks x
  10. Kellyc

    Gel Overlay help!

    Hi peeps, please help, i did a NSI gel overlay on Saturday and the client has just text me saying 5 of my nails are a bit pooey! and 1 has come off, can i come in saturday for you to sort them out. I tend to be having a mare with Gel overlay, i was thorough on my prep so cant see why they would...
  11. Kellyc

    Just a quick beauty question

    Sorry to seem thick, but which one is better to use for eyelash tinting, i did my course yesterday and the tutor said blue/black is a stronger colour than black, i wouldve thought black would be the stronger colour please can someone advise which one is stronger thanks x x x
  12. Kellyc

    Eyelash/Eyebrow Enhancments...

    hi peeps i know this is not nails related, but im really excited im doing an Eyebrow/Eyelash Enhancement course on thursday which ive waited ages to do but also very nervous, a friend of mine who used to do beauty said that it was one of the hardest things she did, and had to practice...
  13. Kellyc

    Competitions - Natural Nail Manicure

    Calling all geeks that have enetered the natural nail competitions, i am quite interested in this and logged onto the professional beauty site to try and find out more details but for some reason when i click on the link to find out regulations and tips it wont display the information, can...
  14. Kellyc

    Scrubfresh - Nailfresh

    Hi ya, sorry if this has been asked before, but as i am not Creative trained could someone please tell me about the above two products i know that Scrubfresh is for prep and i really need to do thorough prep as i am getting lifting and want to invest in Scrubfresh as i know its very rated but...
  15. Kellyc

    Thanks Lucia - mini geek meet

    Just want to say thanks to Lucia for holding the mini geek meeting at hers last nite and it was great to meet Heavenly Nails, the next one can be held at my little place if you want for next week just let me know im more than happy to, feeling tired at work today but the girls may know why lol...
  16. Kellyc

    Massage Oils

    hi peeps just another quick one, does anyone know where i can get massage oils, but preferrably from local shops i.e boots or somewhere and not from the internet as dont have much time left to purchase them as would like them for friday thanks x x x x
  17. Kellyc

    Quick Leaflet Help...

    Hi peeps, i recently did an Indian Head Massage course and would like to promote this weekend for Easter maybe offering it as half price so i can gain some experience in it, i was going to do a quick leaflet to drop round but im terrible at anything like that can anyone advise me what to put on...
  18. Kellyc

    Nail Biting again sorry!

    Hi guys, sorry to go on about nail biters but i have done a search promise! and read Ruth's tutorial. Ive got a client booked in for Friday who is a severe nail biter, she is a friend and its her birthday so kinda agreed to do them for her, ive read Ruth's tutorial which has been great as she...
  19. Kellyc

    Nail biters - Men?

    Sorry is this has been asked previously, but i have just had a phone call from a male who advises me he has severly bitten nails and are in a mess and he wants something done with them, he doesnt want anything false or fancy. I suggested a manicure however i have never done a male client before...
  20. Kellyc

    Massage -v- Throat Infection

    Hi guys, as ive had a poor start to the new year, i decided that i would book myself up in my local day spa and have booked a package, the treatments im having will be a floatation tank experience, back and neck massage and eye treatment. So ive booked the day of work and then its typical i get...