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    CND Creative Play gel reviews

    Hi, any reviews on this gel pls? I need a new cnd lamp as I have the old uv one and was considering going for the creative gel kit and adding some Of these along side my shellac. Is it better for clients who need something a bit stronger than shellac or is just a case of having some different...
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    Body massage course?

    Hi all, do you think This course is suitable to be able to offer a basic holistic massage treatment? thanks x
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    Best eye cream for wrinkles?

    Personal question hope that’s ok....... what’s a good cream/serum/treatment for eye wrinkles pls? Too many sun beds in my twenties have caught up with me [emoji30]
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    Sienna x 1 hour tan development time?

    Hi have just purchased some of the above can some one advise roughly what percentage it develops into after the 1,2 and 3 hour development time. It just says light, medium and dark. Most of My clients are looking for roughly a 10 and 12% so would that be 1 and 2 hours or 2 and 3? Thank you. Also...
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    Giving up nails for holistic beauty

    Hi slightly random post but has anyone moved from nails to the more holistic side of beauty? I mainly do shellac at the mo and to be honest I've started to think that I actually don't really enjoy it that much, I love doing facial (but can't at the mo due to my set up) and enjoy pedis just not...
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    Soak off gel for nno under Shellac, IBD?

    Hi looking for some advice pls. I would like a soak off gel to use under shellac for a bit of strength , mainly for myself but also the odd client. Can anyone advise something suitable? I've tried brisa smoothing gel but that didn't help. Was looking at ibd perhaps? Also what would be the steps...
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    How do you set your treatments apart from the competition?

    Just thinking out loud really..... in a time when there seems to be someone new setting up a business every day (in nails and beauty anyway) what do you do to tweak your treatments to make them extra special or in general to set you apart from other therapists? Trying to think how I can make...
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    Those of you who work from a conservatory?

    Hi all looking for some advice pls. I am currently room less and was looking into building a little summer house/log cabin in the garden, my concern was the heat and cold which led me to thinking about my conservertory...... It is very old and gets v hot in summer and v cold in winter so I had...
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    Level 2 mani and pedi freaking out at theory!

    hi having a panic moment! I have decided to upgrade all my diplomas to full level 2 qualifications. My tutor has sent over the requirements for me to look through and identify what I need to cover. Whilst I am confident on my practical and related theory I am so not up with the a and p side of...
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    Cold sore remedies for child?

    Hi all, just thought I'd ask if anyone has any remedies for cold sores? My 7 yr old daughter suffers really badly with them and has done ever since she was about 1.5 they are not only painful for her but also don't look very nice and some of the other children have started mentioning them which...
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    What are the glass paper weight things with logo on?

    As title says! I have seen a few pics of nails holding these things what are they and where from?? Thanks [emoji3]
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    Is this a suitable space?

    Do u think this is suitable to do nails/spray tanning from? I've given up my room so my daughter can have her own bedroom. I don't do loads of appointments as I work around 3 small children but don't really want to give up altogether and mobile work scares me a bit! Suddenly thought about my...
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    Best storage solutions for beauty kit?

    Hi ladies, I'm looking for storage advice pls, cases/trolleys/boxes? I am vacating my beauty room and need to get everything stored in smallest space possible, but still accessible. I have the works to put away.... Shellac, waxing, spray tanning, facial stuff, mani/pedi products.... Would love...
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    New CND pedi range?

    Hi all, how have you found this new range? I need some new pedi stuff but not sure whether to get this or go for a cheaper range eg. Kaeso? I used the marine range before and a cheaper brand and it seems my clients were not really bothered either way, think it's my micro plane that actually does...
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    Acrylic or gel for soft peeky nails

    Hi I don't do extensions and so just wondered which is best for my nails in terms of staying power? My nails are very soft, bendy and a bit peely. Thank you x
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    Shellac pale pinks photos

    Hi I need to add a pastel pink does any one have any photos of some of the pale pinks together pls? I have blush teddy but what something a bit more pink. Thanks x
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    Beauty couch make over

    Can anyone post some pics of their beds all made up beautifully pls? My couch needs a make over! lol I've read the other threads (show me your set up) etc but I need just bed inspiration! I want it to look lovely and inviting for some fb pics but it never looks that great [emoji53]x
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    Combining facial with a lash lift?

    Does anyone do this? Just popped into my head last night! Whilst waiting for the perm and setting lotion to develop could I do a mini facial do you think? was thinking cleanse and mini massage/mask as generally I'm just sitting there chatting whilst it develops, thought could be a nice add on...
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    Soak off gels for strength?

    Hi pls bare with me as just thinking aloud! I use shellac and a few gelish/ibd however for some clients (mainly those who won't help themselves) it is not lasting and have therefore given up having it ( losing me clients) I've tried Brisa lite smoothing but didn't find this much better so think...
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    Large beauty case on wheels, how much do they hold!

    Hi was just looking at these, the 4 tier type ones, how much stuff can you get in them and how easily accessible is everything? I'm not wanting it for mobile just to try and store everything in one place when I'm not using but be able to use each bit as I need it, without unpacking it all if...