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  1. Victoriabar

    Male wax model needed

    Hi, I am looking for a male intimate wax model after being let down yesterday due to my model saying he was 'too shy' (despite being booked for months) My model would need to be able to get to a Bournemouth training place for 12.30 and stay until 5ish, he wont be waxed this whole time but I am...
  2. Victoriabar

    Shellac bottles

    Hi, I'm looking for any old/empty/dried up/sun cured (I'm really not fussy) shellac bottles - heck I'll even take any bottles that are shellac-a-like bottles. The reason behind this strange request?? It's because I've recently found out my co-worker is using my stock instead of her own SO I'm...
  3. Victoriabar

    How do you deal with a 'trier'?

    Now I write it, trier doesn't even look like a real word! Anyhow... I did a girls nails for prom last Tues, prom was Fri.. She had found a pic online and I managed to replicate it totally - she was over the moon. Now when going through aftercare verbally and explaining about breakages, times...
  4. Victoriabar

    MAC make-up

    Hiya Geekies, I'm asking this for a technophobe friend so please be kind to me ;) My mate is looking into changing her college kit make up brand over to the MAC range, where can she find suppliers and which one is best? I thank you in advance.
  5. Victoriabar

    I need to win the lottery because...

    ..... Finish the sentence :)
  6. Victoriabar

    Update to our Rants

    I thought it would be a good idea to share how or if we made any resolutions to our rants From this thread For my rant about my daughters broken foot, today we had resolution... We got confirmation on friday that the consultant graded my...
  7. Victoriabar

    The best equipment ever-fun pic

    Well what can I say.. I've been sat here on and off for most of the afternoon having my nails done. The lamp is a one off. Non chance of over curing - I've been told it's totally safe! No wires or batteries, no bulbs that blow! The polish is 100% allergy free and comes in every colour you could...
  8. Victoriabar

    A helping click

    Hey fellow Geeks, can I ask a lil favour please? My Daughters oldest sister Sam has entered a competition to win a newborn photoshoot and needs as many likes to her photo as she can get to win. All I'm asking you to do is click like on her photo. Many thanks to those who help with the likes...
  9. Victoriabar

    I wish... Pt2

    Now then let's see if we can have another try at this genie thing..... I wish.... Today had more hours to it :)
  10. Victoriabar

    *Cringe* what was your worse date?

    As the title says, your worse date... Care to share? Sent from my Nexus 7 using SalonGeek mobile app
  11. Victoriabar

    So you yummy geeks, what are you up to tonight?

    C'mon Geekies, share with us all... What are you up to tonight? Tonight I have 2 of my granddaughters for a sleepover. The almost 3yr old has stayed a fair few times and is currently sharing a bed with my 5yro watching Jungle Book. I can hear lots of giggling :D I can only hope for a dry...
  12. Victoriabar

    Yay, it's official

    My certificates for my L3 nail services came today. As my daughter said, I am now über qualified lol. :) I am a happy bunny x Sent from my Nexus 7 using SalonGeek
  13. Victoriabar

    YAY its official :)

  14. Victoriabar

    Empty Shellac Bottles

    Hi Geeks, I have a rather random question for our Shellac-ers (have I just made my own word up?) What do you lovely folk do with your old empty bottles?? The reason I ask is my 5yro loves to play nail salons, she has her own little nail stand and will happily play for hours BUT she wants...
  15. Victoriabar

    Having a nail wobble!

    I feel quite fed up so feel the need to let off steam. I've been getting over pneumonia since beginning of Feb and I've had it really bad this year, I've failed lung function tests and am currently awaiting results of lung X-rays. This is the 4th year running I've had pneumonia, the worst I had...
  16. Victoriabar

    Having a nail wobble!

  17. Victoriabar

    I'm picking your brains for ideas

    Hello my fellow geeks, Since the start of my NVQ3 in nail services I've known/decided what ideas I wanted for my assessments. My first (3D) went really well, I planned and done a picnic scene. My second (commercial) is soon and already planned, drawn and just need to practise the design. But...
  18. Victoriabar

    Android apps

    Hello fellow geekies, I'm looking for android app recommendations :) My very thoughtful and lovely kids had saved money from my birthday and Christmas (as I tell them to not get me anything but concentrate on the younger siblings and their own children) and bought me a nexus 7.. I'm feeling...
  19. Victoriabar

    New 'shellac' names

    I was being nosey at others statuses in Facebook earlier and one made me chuckle and then check it out. It seems bluesky shellac and cco shellac are no more.... They are bluesky shinerlac and cco cocome At least shellac will only be linked to CND now.
  20. Victoriabar

    New 'shellac' names