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    Bio Sculpture's new LED lamp?

    Has anyone used the new Biosculpture LED lamp? Does it still give the same results? I understand that only some of the new packaged gels are LED curable. Many thanks.
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    Bio Therapeutic Hydradermabrasion

    Hi Geeks! Has anyone got or been demonstrated the Bio Therapeutic hydradermabrasion system? I am just about to purchase it, however the suction seems very weak to me and I am thinking of cancellation the proposed leasing agreement. It does not seem to matter how much I turn the dial! The...
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    Vani-T Tanning Mitts

    Hi there, Has anyone used the Vani-T tanning mitts as alternative to cream manual tanning application? If so how do you rate it. :biggrin: Ta very much.
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    Deposits every time?

    Hi there, I have searched but cannot find opinions on what I am looking for. Does anyone here take deposits for treatments every time a client books? :) and if they do has it upset any regulars? My core clients are generally really good at attending but as I have got busier it is apparent I...
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    Upper half leg wax charge

    Hi there, Just wondered how many (if at all) charge a separate price for an upper half leg opposed to a lower half leg wax. Do you think it should be more to wax the thigh areas? I ask as I have had clients with quite large thighs and the cost of a half leg does not seem a lot. My other...
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    Trendy Nail Wraps or Minx

    Are there any differences between NSI Trendy Nail Wraps and Minx apart from the fact they are from different suppliers. I notice TNW are shaped but I am under the impression that you have to shape Minx yourself??? Any info I would be grateful.:)
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    Australian Bodycare Wax

    Hi Quick question for those who use or have used the Australian Bodycare Tube Wax System. The facial applicators are they suitable for eyebrow waxing? I am getting fed up with cleaning my C&E wax applicator heads but love applying it this way. Tha company said they are but they look a bit...
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    Hi there, need a bit of advice about a client. Long term, very loyal client, prone to emotional scenes. I was stunned recently when she made it quite clear that she felt she deserved more than just getting her treatments for the money. I reiterated that she always received way over and above...
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    'Free' Consultations

    Hi all, Just wondered how many of you offer free consultations for things like skin analysis and electrolysis. I am thinking of charging as although I have not had many who cancel, it is frustrating when they do at short notice and you cannot enforce a charge. Do you think a consultation...
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    Web pics on PC not showing on laptop??

    Hi Geeks, I do my own website but am stumped as to why a picture is showing 'live' on my main PC but not on my laptop when I view my website. They both have the same internet browser and are the same version. Does any clued up geek know why this is happening? :eek: Many thanks essentia
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    Help with Bio Client

    I hope you can help - I have a regular biosculpture client and the middle 3 fingers of her right (dominant hand) always chip at the ends. The rest of her nails no problem. We found that some cleansing wipes she used added to the problem but they still chip. What can I do to add more...
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    Colour Tones in Hairdressing

    Hi I have done hairdressing many moons ago! I remember the hair shades 1 -10 but cannot remember all the tones when choosing colours. I know /1 would be ash and /3 would be gold but what are the rest. Any help appreciated!:)
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    Home Salons - Beauty Waste

    Just wondered what everyone does with the waste from their salon - specifically home based ones. It has come to my attention that old waxing strips/wax from brazilians and general waste should be disposed of separately from the normal household rubbish. Also if there are any electrolysis users...
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    One or two bio lamps

    I want to cut my time down when doing overlays and I wondered how much time you save on average by buying an extra lamp when doing Biosculpture - is it worth the extra £££,s ???? :)
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    Working to time

    Hi there, I just wondered how many of you work to strict timings for your treatments? Today I was having a conversation with a client and I gently pointed out that I give out a lot extra time during some particular treatments (not that she was complaining in any way) - such as manicuring and...
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    Free Marketing Book

    Hi Geeks, I have found a link for a free marketing book "The Marketing Secrets of a Multimillionaire Entrpreneur" by Jonathan Jay. The first 500 are free and they are also on Amazon for £9.99. I am waiting for mine so I do not know what it is like but worth a look for freebie!!! I know he...
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    Silk overlay on short/bitten nails

    Hi there - I did silk long ago and I now have completed the bio sculpture gel and sculpting course. I put silk over a very short nail with no free edge to build length. I used free edge gel over the silk and s gel in zone 1 & 2. However I used a form as I did not want it to stick to the skin...
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    Body faradic/galvanic treatments

    Just wondered if anyone offers these treatments and if they get good custom from them. I am interested in a combined faradic/galvanic machine (about £1000) and wondered what to charge for say 20mins faradic, ampoule application then followed by 20mins galvanic. Any suggestions for other...
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    Client Relationship Advice

    Hi I do not know what to do with one of my clients. She used to come regularly and was always very happy and complimentary about my services. Then suddenly she stopped talking to me, obviously avoiding me etc (we see each other at the same nursery as our boys go there). I decided to take the...
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    Highlights look rough any ideas?

    Hi I am a skin geek and I do have a hairdressing certificate but too long ago to be of any use now! I have naturally auburn hair and have foil highlights - 2 colours bleach and tint. I recently had a half head and it looked terrible. Bleach looked like it bled and was very white + stripey...