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  1. Deni

    The Event 2010

    Hi.. Is anyone going to the party from Hampshire?
  2. Deni

    Spray Tan Technician in London Wanted For Investment Bank Event

    Please email
  3. Deni


  4. Deni

    Freelance salon manager/Nail tech/beauty

    Hi.. I am now a freelance salon manager, beauty and nail technician. I used to have my own salon and realised how hard it is for people to get good staff. So i have now decided to offer my services to anyone that has their own business that needs a break, but also needs someone they can...
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    Imported Photos

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  6. Deni

    Is £600 a month rent for a very small room too expensive ??

    Hi.. I have worked in salons and now have my own salon, so i can see it from both sides. My advice to you would be this.. If the location is good and the standard of the salon is high where you will be renting from, then i would say it will be worth every penny. Regarding what the salon owner...
  7. Geeks


    The Dashing Diva's and Andy
  8. Deni

    Would You Lend Out Your Brush??

    Hi.. Yes i would lend out my brush, in fact i did so during the gmez nail comp. The poor girl next to me also competing got everything out and ready and then realised she had forgotten her brush bless her, so i lent her my spare one. I'd like to think someone would do the same for me..
  9. Deni

    R.I.P Patrick Swayze

    He was one of my fav actors..Talented, sexy and a really nice man too..So so sad..RIP..x
  10. Deni

    Models needed for nailympics

    Hi.. I wish i did Lisa i'd love to wear your nails..x
  11. Deni

    My me choose..x

    Oh i should have said we haven't decided on the colours properly yet..Trying to keep it in style with my barn and thats french green, cream and french grey. Thanks for all your comments so far..x
  12. Deni

    My me choose..x

    Hi.. Carl has kindly made up some Logo designs..Can you help me choose please. The 'and' is going to be the same as 1 as i like this 'and' I have as split decision in my family so its over to the geeks to decide...Hopefully. Thanks in advance..x New Page 2
  13. Deni

    Small car advice pls

    Hi.. I also downsized my car last year and bought the C1. It has five doors and the seats go down if i need a big space to carry thing around. £35 a year tax and fills up on about £30 which goes for miles and miles and If you are buying a brand new car it will have a guarantee too so...
  14. Deni

    did i handle this right? long post...

    Hi.. Did you handle this right? Unfortunatly there is no right way to handle a client like this because she would not be happy whatever you did. People that behave this way are doing it to get some kind of kick out of it regardless who they hurt along the way. We always remember the bad clients...
  15. Deni

    Basingstoke - Client Needing CND Nail Technician

    Hi.. Carol @insperations is in Basingstoke..I think she is away at the moment. HTH's
  16. Deni

    Opening and closing times

    Hi.. You could put the times on the door that you want to work, (quiet or not) and also say that you are open late for appointments too..Thats what i have done. This way you and the clients always know when you will be open and if they need a later time they can make an appointment. Hope this helps
  17. Deni

    Paying a much?

    Christine, if you think 50% is fair if salon provides equipment/materials etc..what about (advertising, taking bookings, washing, tea/coffee,uniform etc etc? Who do you think should do these? Taking a % has so many grey area thats why i decided to put this thread on geek. I think things should...
  18. Deni

    Paying a much?

    Thanks for your reply..What do you get for your 20%? do you supply everything yourself?
  19. Deni

    Paying a much?

    Hi.. I know that the cost of renting a room out in a salon etc depends on where the salon is located etc but was wondering what is the % that beauty therapist/nail technician pay, and what you get included.. Love to hear from anyone paying a % or anyone charging a % please Kind regards..
  20. Deni

    Beauty therapist

    Beauty therapist wanted..