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  1. Deni

    Freelance salon manager/Nail tech/beauty

    Hi.. I am now a freelance salon manager, beauty and nail technician. I used to have my own salon and realised how hard it is for people to get good staff. So i have now decided to offer my services to anyone that has their own business that needs a break, but also needs someone they can...
  2. Deni

    My me choose..x

    Hi.. Carl has kindly made up some Logo designs..Can you help me choose please. The 'and' is going to be the same as 1 as i like this 'and' I have as split decision in my family so its over to the geeks to decide...Hopefully. Thanks in advance..x New Page 2
  3. Deni

    Paying a much?

    Hi.. I know that the cost of renting a room out in a salon etc depends on where the salon is located etc but was wondering what is the % that beauty therapist/nail technician pay, and what you get included.. Love to hear from anyone paying a % or anyone charging a % please Kind regards..
  4. Deni

    Beauty therapist

    Beauty therapist wanted..
  5. Deni

    Nail technician

    Please contact me on geek or
  6. Deni

    Beauty products

  7. Deni

    Hampshire area Geeks

  8. Deni

    GMex day 2 - photo competition results

  9. Deni

    Extraction Ventilation for good health

    Hi.. For several months/weeks on and off i have not felt well. Always the same things. Headaches, nausea, chest pains and feeling dizzy kinda spaced out. This as increasingly got worse to the point where i had to visit my doctor, something i dislike doing. He did blood tests..nothing! Said...
  10. Deni


    Hi.. During the comp the citrusoak mixed with water (and clearly labelled what is was) was removed from a competitors table and told they were not allowed to use it because it contained oils. My question is, if this is so, why it is ok to use to clean the nail after using cuticle remover...
  11. Deni

    Nail-Spa is open!

    Hi.. Well today is the day that our geek Cathie! opens her own salon..'Nail-Spa' I would like to wish Cathie every success with her new venture. I am sure it will be fab babes. Not only are you a great nail technician you have a brillient business head too. Love you lots and can't...
  12. Deni

    South Yorkshire anyone?

    Hi... This is an unusual request i know but is there anyone that lives in or near to Barnsley, South Yorkshire? I want to buy somehing from someone that lives there but will need it collecting and posting to me (they will not do it!). Obviously i would reward you for helping me out AND need...
  13. Deni

    The Nail Salon!

    Hi... Just a thought...where do you think clients prefer to get their nails done? Would you say a salon in town? or a salon out of town? or in your home? or in their home? What do you think their ideal would be? This question is about what you think clients want, not what is best for...
  14. Deni

    GMex day 2 - photo competition results

    News so far...Paula1973 has WON the photographic...
  15. Deni

    Olympia catagorys

    Hi... I am a little confused about the different catagorys for the nail comp at olympia... Does anyone know if a novice winner/placed means you have to enter catagory 3?...if it does i think i will stay in bed! I need to know before 4pm tomorrow please...thanks...x
  16. Deni

    Ear's to nails...

    I just HAD to share this with you... Tonight i was having a good ol scratch of my ear (as you do! and the nail i was using snapped off inside my i tried to get it out ...only to push it further in...omg! Now it is totally stuck in the bottom of my ear...pmsl! I...
  17. Deni

    Coloured gels!

    Hi... I am being asked quite frequently in the salon if i do coloured gels, therefore i am thinking of being able to offer this service... Does anyone know when cnd will be starting their colour range? Also can anyone reccomend a good company that does sell them with excellent training too...
  18. Deni

    Air purifier!

    I thought i would put a post on here to tell you guys about a fantastic gadget i have found! It is a personal air wear it around you neck, it weighs just a liitle more than a small battery and it gives out ozones that purifires the air around the facial area. I have been testing...
  19. Deni

    Nail problem?

    I saw a woman today at the salon and she had a problem with her nails that i have never seen before and would like any advice anyone can give me... The problem is as far as i can tell is that from the free edge to about a third down the nail it is badly peeling...and when i say badly i...
  20. Deni

    Christmas retail!

    Hi... This year will be my first year working in a salon at christmas time and i was hoping that some of you could advise me of what is the best retail products i should stock up with, that sells the most or would be of the most interest for my clients? I have my creative catolgue in front of...