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  1. deanosnana

    Pedi chair for client?

    Good evening lovely geeks! I'm changing my pedi set up as my back is killing me. I have this cart and wonder if anyone can suggest a chair to go with it for the client to sit in. Thank you...
  2. deanosnana

    Couch to 5K?

    Hi Geeks, I'm so out of shape, it's ridiculous! I am interested in doing a Couch to 5K. I did a Color me Rad 'race' in May but just walked the 5k. Has anyone done this or something similar? Was it difficult? Were you able to run a 5K at the end? Thank you for any advice you can...
  3. deanosnana

    Pallet gardening?

    Evening lovely geeks. Have any of you tried pallet gardening? I saw some pics on the internet and now I have the itch to do this...
  4. deanosnana

    Looking out my window, I see...

    ...a red-headed woodpecker. What do you see? Post pics if you can! :D
  5. deanosnana

    It's snowing at the North Pole!

    My grandson and I love this website. Enjoy with a wee one or by yourself. I watch even when he's not here. :)
  6. deanosnana

    Christmas projects - 2013

    What are your Christmas projects this year? Deano and I are making lollipop ornaments. What fun things are you making/have you made this Christmas season?
  7. deanosnana

    Snow pics-winter 2013

    We're having the first snow of the season. SO pretty...SO cold... Brrrrrrr... Here's my grandson shovelling the snow...SO cute! :)
  8. deanosnana

    First day of Autumn!

    I love the cooler, shorter days. I love the changing colors of leaves. I love the smell of burning leaves. I love raking leaves. I love watching my grandson jumping on the pile of leaves and the smile on his face. I love pumpkins everywhere. I love fall fashions. I love that I can wear a...
  9. deanosnana

    Our favorite client?

    I'm not sure if this commercial airs in the UK but I think it's a hoot! Lay's TV Commercial, 'Nail Salon' Song by Bread - YouTube
  10. deanosnana

    Vinylux-Mood ring nails?

    Hi lovely geeks, has anyone tried/had any luck creating a mood ring nail with Vinylux? Mood Ring Nails - Style - NAILS Magazine I adore this look! Thanks! :hug:
  11. deanosnana

    Clients with Cancer-Article

    There have been a few posts on Salon Geek asking about treatments for clients with cancer. This article appears in Nails Magazine and I thought it would be good read. Clients with Cancer - Health - NAILS Magazine
  12. deanosnana

    Color me Rad

    We did this 5K on Saturday to benefit AIDS. We had a blast. My co-worker is at 2:40 doing a twirl in the tutu. Color me rad 2013 Detroit - YouTube Can't wait to do the next one. Note to self: MUST lose weight! :eek:
  13. deanosnana

    Can we agree to disagree?

    After reading through a certain thread on here yesterday, I am appalled at the name calling. My God, we are all adults! There is NEVER a reason for name calling, EVER! If you see a post you disagree with, you can choose to; 1). ignore, 2). respond CONSTRUCTIVELY or 3). report the post and...
  14. deanosnana

    Manners, where have you gone?

    Dear Manners, you seem to be on an extended vacation lately and I have to say, I really miss you. Your nemeses, rude, nasty and inconsiderate seem to have taken your place and society is suffering greatly for it. Why, in just the past few weeks, I have experienced: Spending the day...
  15. deanosnana

    Happy Birthday, Noodle!

    Hi Hun, since it's 2:09 AM UK time, it's time to wish you a VERY happy birthday and many, many more! :hug:
  16. deanosnana

    Christmas craft and gift ideas

    It's that time of year again! Over the weekend, Deano and I started our Christmas project. We are making these for him to give as gifts. They are very easy and fun to make! As I was surfing youtube this...
  17. deanosnana

    Christmas fun-reindeer cam!

    For our kids/grandkids and the kid in all of us! :D Santa will begin feeding the reindeer on Friday. Enjoy!
  18. deanosnana

    Just for fun-silly business names

    Hi All, on the way home this afternoon, I noticed a shop named Wigs & Cigs. I had to chuckle as I drove by as I could just imagine being fitted for your wig whilst smoking a ciggie. Then it got me wondering, has anyone else seen stores or businesses with silly names? I thought this could be...
  19. deanosnana

    Leg wax question

    I had my legs waxed last Wednesday and I was under the impression that it would last 4 weeks. I already feel some stubble. Is this normal? Thanks, all! :D
  20. deanosnana

    Let's all play nice!

    Can we PLEASE keep NEGATIVE racial/ethnic references out of threads and posts. Not only is it rude and offensive but it totally UNprofessional. You just never know who is reading what you have written. Thank you!