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  1. Kim Lawless

    Upper lip wax on someone who shaves

    I worked at a salon where the owner had been shaving, so I waxed her upper lip with hot wax and then three days, then fours day etc until she was able to go a month.
  2. Kim Lawless

    Wax heaters

    If your wax is in the tin and there's a gap, then you will need to turn your wax up but don't worry too much about what is says on the heater.......the trick is to know the consistency of your wax so that you don't rely solely on temperatures. From one melted pot of hot wax, I get 8...
  3. Kim Lawless

    Intimate waxing, Brazilian & Hollywood

    Either get yourself some good training or ask the girls in the salon to teach you their way.
  4. Kim Lawless

    Thong wax?

    A thong wax means that they should be ab;e to wear thong knickers with no hair showing. So that would be removing all of the hair from inside the butt and any noticeable hair on the butt cheeks. Then you would do a very high leg wax at the front.
  5. Kim Lawless

    Lycon and Perron Rigot

    Clients neither know nor care which wax you use, they come to you because you're good at what you do.
  6. Kim Lawless

    Waxing wobble

    I think you've made the right decision. I used to feel like that when a client asked for a French Manicure so I'd convince them it was really old fashioned and that short, one colour nails were in:) Now you have the pressure off of you, you can enjoy your job and maybe return to waxing when...
  7. Kim Lawless

    Brow wax

    I would use hot wax under the brow and strip wax above......either in between. The trouble with strip wax is that occasionally, for no reason, the skin can graze but this won't happen with hot wax for no reason.
  8. Kim Lawless

    Intimate waxing help

    Sounds as though the wax isn't a good wax. That said, try drying the skin with tissue after cleansing and then apply some talc.
  9. Kim Lawless

    Is this wrong?

    I wouldn't do it and even at 16yrs of age I get their mother to sign.
  10. Kim Lawless

    Hotel recommendation near Kim Lawless's training centre in Upminster?

    We do recommend a couple of hotels in your confirmation letter but all of the above are good.
  11. Kim Lawless

    Kim Lawless / hot wax

    The less experience you have with waxing the better on my courses. Don't worry. Yes, I am bringing out my own wax range and I'm working hard on the formulation as it has to be brilliant........I don't want you all pouncing on me if it's not:) x
  12. Kim Lawless

    Is waxing a man's back any different to a woman's legs?

    I agree. Most body parts (not all) are simply just following the direction of hair growth to apply and remove in the opposite direction. Hope it goes well but it's never a good idea to wax family or friends as they make a fuss:)
  13. Kim Lawless

    Intimate waxing

    Thank you Salj. I'm coming to Wales so please email Hope to see you there.
  14. Kim Lawless

    Kim Lawless training Manchester / Birmingham

    I'm going to come to Wales and up North for sure and hopefully the Midlands. We're just working out dates. The trouble is whichever month we suggest, half of you can't do that date so it's guessing dates that will suit you all. I'm thinking that as the year is passing fast that I should...
  15. Kim Lawless

    Kim Lawless / hot wax

    To be honest, the less experience you have the better so don't worry at all.
  16. Kim Lawless

    Sugaring training Ireland!

    This lady is amazing.
  17. Kim Lawless

    Hollywood wax and labia

    That shouldn't happen if you use a good hot wax. You'll find that the lower half of the labs is totally bald but at the top half of the labs you can get some stray hair that you get rid. Really stretch the skin and rip the wax off fast.
  18. Kim Lawless

    Male waxing

    He's a perv! You don't need or want these type of clients and they are very rare indeed. They seek out the nervous waxers and chance their luck. Nearly all male clients are lovely decent guys like your brother/uncle/neighbour who have the hair removed for the same reasons that women do...
  19. Kim Lawless

    Best gloves for waxing?

    I buy non powdered vinyl gloves from
  20. Kim Lawless

    Reaction after waxing

    Trouble is we never really know whether female clients go straight out and put make up on........or maybe go on the sunbed.