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  1. Kim Lawless

    Sorry to ask again. Amendments?

    I did as I was told and messaged Sam but he's a busy guy so I wonder if someone else can help please? There is nowhere on my screen to edit. Thanks.
  2. Kim Lawless

    Facebook account cloned

    Hi all. Yesterday someone cloned my personal FB account and 'reported' a page under the guise of being me. I couldn't work it out at first as I was frantic that they would think I'd do that but then I was told how they do it. They simply right click on your cover photo and right click on...
  3. Kim Lawless

    Amendments gone?

    Is it no longer possible to amend typo's or to change or add to a post? Thanks.
  4. Kim Lawless

    Clients and dirty tweezers

    Hi all. Hope this is ok to put a link to this on FB as it's something that we need to remind our clients about.
  5. Kim Lawless

    Facebook Admin gone!

    I hate to post about Facebook on here as it seems a cheek, but can anyone help me please? I'm managed to delete myself as admin and can't access my page. I've tried everything but there's not drop down bar suggesting admin roles or any mention that I own the page. Any suggestions please...
  6. Kim Lawless

    Word Doc Help

    Hi guys. Can someone tell me how I keep a template for my invoice so that it stays the same when I type in it? Ok, I know how to save it as a PDF but then I can't type the invoice details in it. If I just save it in Word, then it moves everything. Hope I'm making myself clear. Thanks...
  7. Kim Lawless


    Had a few texts this morning from new clients with the usual 'Hi, you got an appointment?' No detail of what they want waxed, when, their name, kiss me a*s* or nothing. That also got me thinking about when we PM each other on here. It's polite and sensible to put your real name at the end...
  8. Kim Lawless

    Demo of Perron Rigot Euroblonde consistency

    This short video shows you how your Euroblonde should look at the perfect working temperature. Kim Lawless Demo of Euroblonde by Perron Rigot - YouTube
  9. Kim Lawless

    Kim Lawless Upper Lip Demo

    A demo of me doing an upper lip wax with hot wax. Kim Lawless Demo of Upper Lip Wax using Euroblonde by Perron Rigot - YouTube
  10. Kim Lawless

    Kim Lawless Lower Arm Wax

    LOWER ARM WAXING WITH STRIP WAX Your client can be sitting, laying or standing……it doesn’t matter. Cleanse the arm and apply a little oil Take your clients hand and stretch their arm straight out so that there’s and arms distance between you. Holding their hand, turn their arm out...
  11. Kim Lawless

    Soprano XL

    Hiya. Do you know if they rent this machine out on a daily/weekly basis? If you know anything about prices, could you PM please? Many thanks. x
  12. Kim Lawless

    Euroblonde consistency video

    I read on SG that a lot people are unsure of how Perron Rigot, Euroblonde should look at the perfect working temp, so I hope this short video helps. Euroblonde by Perron Rigot - YouTube
  13. Kim Lawless

    The true price of wax!

    It amazes me how many people don't know what they're really paying for their wax. I often hear 'but it's only X pounds per bag' when they've failed to notice that they're only getting half the amount of a brand that they think is more expensive. Next time you see a price, divide it by how...
  14. Kim Lawless

    Cheap orange sticks

    Hi guys! Can anyone please tell me where I can buy large quantities of orange sticks at the best price? I've been on eBay but the postage was nearly as much as each 100 sticks. Thanks. x
  15. Kim Lawless

    Cheap orange sticks

  16. Kim Lawless

    Let's get back to what this forum is about!

    Let's just help each other and try not to mention brands. For me it's all about the waxing and not the wax but it's so easy to get swept along. Yes, we all have out favourite brands and we are all very loyal, but I can feel the tension rising with bad feeling and sniping and I for one am not...
  17. Kim Lawless

    Let's get back to what this forum is about!

  18. Kim Lawless

    Personality and confidence. Important?

    How important do you think these are? I had a full head of highlights recently and the stylist did an amazing job. However, the whole time she looked nervous and when I said how pleased I was with the results, she kept asking if I was sure. She's been at the same salon for 6 years so it...
  19. Kim Lawless

    Geek Manners

    Got to have a rant. It amazes me how many people start a thread and then they don't bother coming back to read the replies, let alone even bother to acknowledge them or say thank you. Worse still, I suspect that if they don't much care for the geek/s that have taken the time to kindly...
  20. Kim Lawless

    Brow design models needed

    Hi Geeks. I need models for my Brow Design class in Essex this Wednesday, so please text me on 07739 832 328 if you'd like to have a free brow makeover. Thanks.