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    Luxury manicure - how long does it take you?

    Okay well the movement issue makes sense as to why it may take longer. Make sure will the clippers you only really remove whatever is on the nail plate don’t actually cut the cuticle off until you get more confident.
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    Luxury manicure - how long does it take you?

    A pedicure normal or gel should never exceed 1 hour. What is it that’s taking the time?
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    Lash lift brand training options - advice/opinions wanted

    Look into lash bomb training. They are great
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    Best salon software?

    Treatwell is excellent
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    Re-branding lash lift

    Lash bomb for sure
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    Lash lift shields

    If the lashes are very long then use a medium if not stick with small I’m now using rods instead of shields and they give a better result. Like you said don’t pull the lashes up too much, if the waterline is not exposed then you will have a better result
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    Extremely dry toes and skin

    Petroleum jelly and cling film in socks regularly
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    Brow lamination products

    Brow bomb 100%
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    Luxury manicure - how long does it take you?

    We have 45 minutes for a normal manicure. A luxury mani is like an hour and 15 but usually takes an hour. They definitely have their timings all wrong.
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    Lash lifting help!

    Put Vaseline on the eyelid around the rods xx
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    Lash lifting help!

    I now use rods which give a much better curl also make sure not to expose the water line when you are lifting because this affects it as well.
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    Lash lifts

    Definitely look at lash bomb instead of those ... quick times and great curl
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    Lash Bomb products advice

    I use lash bomb on myself and have never had any sort of issue. I leave each step on for 5 minutes and it gives a great lift. Did you make sure you properly removed the product each time? I can’t imagine it being anything other than being over processed but then again I’ve never tinted first so...