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  1. donnamich


    I have this issue with tans that have a dark guide colour. I use a clear tan from solspa xx
  2. donnamich

    2/3 week infills

    Honestly, your nails are fine. I think you are nit picking at the smallest of things. Just enjoy the extensions you have been waiting so long for instead of trying to find problems.
  3. donnamich

    Many customer complaints, gel only lasts for a few days?

    I agree with Trinity. Sounds like a lamp problem.
  4. donnamich

    Some happy news, one last piece of advice for the road?

    They are fine. Seriously, stop stressing about your nails.
  5. donnamich

    Is it OK to offer just gel polish and not normal polish?

    I only offer gel polish. I've never offered normal polish.
  6. donnamich

    Some happy news, one last piece of advice for the road?

    It's fine. Chill out.
  7. donnamich

    Positive Covid test

    Hope you feel well soon. Me and my 5 year old daughter had it beginning of the year. She had a cough and i i only had headaches and loss of appetite. We hadn't even been out of the house so think it was from my partner still working even though he hasn't had it (that we know of). We finished...
  8. donnamich

    Red nails (did not pick)

    It is your OCD, honestly they are fine. I've seen much worse on people. They look lovely, you are doing so well. Just don't start picking again. I have a client with anxiety and she does exactly the same. She found holding a little pencil or something similar that she can fiddle with really...
  9. donnamich

    Red nails (did not pick)

    Leave them, they are fine. Just keep oiling them.
  10. donnamich

    Putty nails

    So it is polygel/acrygel
  11. donnamich

    Putty nails

    So it is just polygel? I use this. I like it better than acrylic as i work from home and it has no smell.
  12. donnamich

    Putty nails

    Never heard if putty nails 🤔 It does sound like polygel/acrygel.
  13. donnamich

    Caring for cuticles at home

    Just let nature do its thing. It will grow back perfect if you just leave it alone.
  14. donnamich

    Caring for cuticles at home

    Just leave it alone to heal.
  15. donnamich

    Base coat not curing

    What makes you think it's not curing? Just asking as I've heard people ask this question before and its just been the inhibition layer xx
  16. donnamich

    Thinning hair?

    Big difference. I had actual bald patches and they all grew back once i started taking the vitamins. The things we have to go through haha xx
  17. donnamich

    Thinning hair?

    Vitamin B6 and B12. I lost a lot of hair after having a baby and this is what the doctor prescribed. Worked a treat xx
  18. donnamich

    Which gel polish brand?

    Naio nails urban graffiti. It shocks me that i don't see this brand recommended much.xx
  19. donnamich

    Not very busy!

    Yes. It's starting to stress me out 😭 xx
  20. donnamich

    Treatment to condition brows that won’t strip tint or henna?

    I use caster oil on my brows and haven't noticed the tint fading faster. Most brow oils I've seen contain caster oil xx