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    What would it take for you to go employed?

    Lots of employers struggle to recruit in hair and beauty and there is often high staff turnover. I think the industry needs an honest dialogue about what potential employees want from an employer. I have my own strong ideas on this but I think it would be good to talk about it as I've seen a...
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    Most turquoise Shellac?

    I'm thinking it's either cerulean sea or aqua intance? What are your thoughts? Layering ideas also welcome. I've got a lush tropics and studio white that might go towards a layering combo. Thanks :)
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    Shellac Blushing Topaz

    What an amazing colour! :) the only shellac colour that is more glitter than pigment. Please cnd, bring out some more colours that have the same composition as blushing topaz. A blue, a turquoise, a purple. That would be lovely.
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    More glitter Shellac

    I would love to see more glitter in the shellac range. Something like this: I know there's a lot that can be done with loose glitter but I find the premixed products to be faster to work with and so more ergonomic.
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    Cuticle knife, really?

    So I've been reading through the vtct assessment logbook for manicure and although it doesn't say that learners have to cover it in the range, the logbook mentions the use of a cuticle knife. Seriously? Do you absolutely have to teach learners to use a cuticle knife? With respect to people who...
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    Different areas of makeup?

    I'm not sure how best to word my query so bear with me people ;) I'm fully qualified in fashion and photographic makeup and airbrush makeup: I am level 3 qualified in both and this is the area of makeup that I have worked in throughout my career. I feel proficient and confident in this regard...
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    Is it worth doing a level 1 course? (teaching/cpd question)

    I've been in the industry for five years and I'm a fully qualified beauty therapist. My makeup training to date is vtct level 3 qualifications in fashion and photographic makeup and airbrush makeup. Ultimately I am wanting to teach (evening courses only!) in college. I have the chance to do...
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    Makeup school request

    I already have vtct level 3 makeup qualifications in fashion and photographic makeup and airbrushing. I'm doing my makeup training modular because I prefer to. I'm still looking for somewhere where I can take one or more of the following vtct level 3 qualifications fast track: *face and body...
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    Has Lava Bambu been discontinued?

    Question is in the title. Can't see any reference to lava bambu on the shared beauty secrets website.
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    The new Shellac collection

    Is all glitter colours. I've been wanting a collection like this for ages. One where every new colour is of interest :)
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    Online teaching courses?

    I did my Level 3 Award in Education and Training (formerly known as ptlls) online. I enjoyed it and found it suitably challenging. Ideally I would do the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (formerly known as ctlls) at college because it would probably be more hands on and more...
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    The rise of the level 4 qualification

    I notice that loads of colleges are offering level 4 qualifications in hair and beauty this September. What are your thoughts on this? Are they surplus to requirement? Setting a higher standard? Created to try and bring a vocation into an academic approach? Money that could be better spent? An...
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    Private tuition

    Looking for somewhere that can schedule courses to meet my times and needs. Anywhere in England considered. I'm particularly interested in doing vtct level 3 award in media makeup. I've had a google frenzy but I'm shopping around I'm keen to know if anyone here can help. Thanks
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    What happened to the blogs section of this website?

    Has the blog section of salongeek gone since its revamp? I posted some blogs on here years ago amd can't find them. Also, as part of this question, if the blog section has been removed, where's the best place to post blog like content?
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    What is your perfect Shellac collection?

    So I searched on Google images for shellac northern lights and this came up: I would love shellac to release a collection like this. The art vandal one is a bit samey. I know it's possible to work with loose glitter but in terms of speed an...
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    Doing a makeup treatment sitting down?

    I'm still looking into whether to further my makeup training to the point that I'm boring myself with it lol! Did level 2 makeup 5 years ago. Been doing treatments up until 2014. Health changed. Took time out. Looking to further my makeup training by doing level 3 makeup courses. But before I...
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    Going mad trying to find a makeup course!

    Omg! Just want to find a course near Milton Keynes in Level 3 Fashion and Photographic Makeup! Loads elsewhere (north of England and London) but need a local course. Help! The above is the only course I want to do and it needs to be vtct/city and guilds/itec. No more no less. Seriously it's...
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    Psychology or makeup?

    Random question I know because it's like comparing apples to oranges but seeing that I want to study subjects to be able to teach them in further education, I decided to post my question here. I worked as a beauty therapist for five years (spa, nails, makeup). A sudden change in health means I...
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    Really struggling to find a suitable makeup course

    I want a course that fulfils the following: Offers a vtct or city and guilds level 3 qualification in fashion and photography makeup. Is a fast track course provider rather than a college. Is priced competitively. Is based somewhere between the Midlands and London (I have found loads of...
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    Legitimate distance learning ptlls?

    (Or aet as it is now known). Can anyone recommend me a company that they have completed an online ptlls course with? There are lots of companies out there and I want to be certain they are the real thing (for example some companies say you may get the qualification with city and guilds but it...