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    Qualified in lash perm, am I qualified to lash lift?

    Phone your insurers. The treatment is so similar if not the same but ideally you need to hear it from them.
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    MUA course advice

    Definitely be choosy though. I do think there are some places that charge thousands that aren't offering more than some of the more competitively priced places. Talk to some of the places you're considering to get a feel for if you think they are supportive and interested in helping you reach...
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    Pregnant ESPA therapist

    Use the nourishing oil in place of the others.
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    MUA course advice

    Google for vtct level 3 makeup courses near you.
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    SFX and beauty makeup training

    Look for places that offer the vtct level 3 makeup qualifications. Google for places in your area. Nearest to you that I recommend is Norfolk School of Beauty.
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    What to expect during a beauty college course?

    Doing beauty therapy helped me be more body confident because you see how different and human everyone is and what can be done with beauty treatments.
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    Are short beauty courses worth it?

    Depends on your current skills and experience and what the course aims are and how well it is executed.
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    Help with very elderly manicure client, “sensitive issue”

    I have toilet problems because of my disability. Equip the salon toilet with bleach and sprays and wipes. People generally hate leaving a mess as much as others hate discovering it.
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    Not sure about level 2 but the vtct level 3 technical qualifications include a complex written exam. Some places that offer vtct qualifications that aren't the technical ones and don't have a complex exam. I think this is best. I get the impression that maybe colleges offer the vtct technical...
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    I totally empathise. I had a look at the new tests and I don't think they are helpful at all. Not all learners cope well with written examinations and I feel that the new style of assessment marginalises how many people can thrive on the courses. I think it should go back to being multiple...
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    Working with a chronic illness

    I think being reliable matters no matter what the service is. I agree that doing friends and family is worthwhile.
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    Is there a way?

    The qualification that covers these treatments would be the vtct level 3 unit qualifications in body electrical treatments and or the vtct level 3 unit qualification in spa wrap treatments. It's worth a google for private training providers who offer this. You may find that another option could...
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    Graded Unit 2 review, Sorisa Corpo machine

    The stuff that's not machine specific and gives an overview is worth mentioning at the earlier part if your answer to show that you understand the concept as a whole.
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    Graded Unit 2 review, Sorisa Corpo machine

    type "facial machine clinical trials" into google. Absolute goldmine.
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    SPMU disaster

    I don't know where you stand legally but just want to say that I think your brows look good. The trouble with spmu is that so much is subject to taste and it's a massive commitment to have what someone else thinks looks good be on you permanently. I actually believe that with a full face of...
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    AET courses

    For online or private qualifications you need to check that they are awarded by a government approved exam board and have an actual qualification number. VTCT offer AET qualifications. I recommend DB Training in Kent. You can train with them distance, in person or a combination of the two...
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    White Rose Beauty College, Derby

    Not been to the Derby one but White Rose Colleges are generally good. Went to the Manchester one and it was good.
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    Where do you look for beauty jobs?

    With JSA being so strict I can imagine that a lot of employers get their time wasted by applicants who get in touch because they have to and not because they want to. The system made more sense when it wasn't mindlessly strict and punitive. I think you sound like a good employer OP. You offer...
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    Full cover false nail tips (press on nails)

    The ebay ones can be alright. Primark does them at a good price too.
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    Working with a chronic illness

    Yep something completely different. The limitations of this industry in relation to my illness are the ones you've mentioned re knowing if you'll feel well enough to keep an appointment. Anything people facing can be difficult to maintain when you're not well so I think it's definitely worth...