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  1. diesel1978

    How low is too low?!

    Hi All , It's been a while but I really really would value peoples opinions on this one. I realise we are in a recession and times are hard for everyone but at what point do you stop giving discount and how low is too low? I'm not against giving discount but since a new salon has come along...
  2. diesel1978

    Salon Name Help!

    Hi all, I hope you are all well! The time has come around for me to now open a salon. Something I honestly never thought i would see my self doing. The site that i have taken on is big and in an ideal position. The salon will be a hair and beauty salon. I am looking for a name that is not...
  3. diesel1978

    Changing version of pdf????

    Hi All I'm hoping someone somewhere will be able to help me as i am about to go insane with trying. My regular printers are amazing however things have changed and my old point of contact has now retired and the new point of contact is not as helpful lol. Basically i have to upload my designs...
  4. diesel1978

    Free to a good home!

    Hi All, Hope you are all well. I hope i am posting this in the correct section, apologies if not. I have just uploaded a pic to my gallery of a few items that are free to whom ever may want them. All i ask is that postage and packing costs are covered. Items include pump dispensers x 3...
  5. diesel1978

    Paraben free spray tan solution. Recommendations please!!

    HI all, Hope you are all well. It has been a long time!! I have a client who has developed an allergic reaction to spray tan solution in the form of localised itching after circa 3 days. She is adamant that she will not go without spray tans and i really don't want to see her itching for the...
  6. diesel1978

    Would you????

    Hi Guys, I hope you are all well, Its been over a year since i last posted on the geek site and i hope i am posting in the right forum , apologies if i have not. Due to a rather horrific split with my partner last year i feel that i have let things slip with my business. Im now trying to get...
  7. diesel1978

    wide nails? 101 tips to make them look presentable!

    Hi all. I thought this may be an interesting topic to keep you all busy! The majority of my clients i am happy in the nails i create, i however hate the nails that are naturally wide. They are just not pleasing to my eye! Overall the nails i do are pink and white and custom blends, Are...
  8. diesel1978

    have i missed something? new name did a search but came up with nothing? put nail geek in to address bar?
  9. diesel1978

    teaching positions available in north yorkshire?

    HI I was just wondering if anyone knew of where i could find jobs for teaching nails/ beauty? websites?? I am looking for part time hours to run alongside my 7407 as i have just completed my 7302? Preferably in the north yorkshire area? Look forward to your replies many thanx...
  10. diesel1978

    Recievers Of Nailite Free Samples Please Read!!!

    HI All I hope this is ok to do a seperate post as i did add this on to the previous Nailite post but as of yet have had no response. Ok as alot of us geeks have recieved free samples from nailite that we are extremeley happy with i thought it was about time that we showed Betsey and Lisa...
  11. diesel1978

    leaflet drops...targeting the best areas?

    HI Peeps. I will be doing a large leaflet drop within the next few weeks as i am wanting to inject a whole new variety of clients to my list. I will be dropping these leaflet my self so i want to make sure that i am targetting the correct areas is there any way of finding this info out? I know...
  12. diesel1978

    How did you get your nails up to standard/speed?

    Hi peeps, I am hoping all of you are going to reply here and give me some ideas and opinions! So come on how did you get your nails up to standard/speed? How long did it take you to get up to that speed/standard? Did you find class after class helped you? Did you have an army of...
  13. diesel1978

    Feeling like it's over!

    Well peeps i am really starting to feel like it's over for my career in nails and beauty.......every thing has gone downhill since the end of October. At the moment i am lucky if i earn £100 a week whichis a hell of a big drop compared to what i normally earn. Nobody can afford to have anything...
  14. diesel1978

    Designer nails telephone number! HELP

    Ok them peeps are out to confuzzle me at Designer Nails today or i have taken too maNY PAINKILLERS to function properly! Ok i called the general enqiry line 0113 275 5719 and a greeted by an automated service asking me to choose a number to be put through to various different departments. MMM...
  15. diesel1978

    teacher training couses eek help me!!!!

    Oh my gawd i am so baffled by all these courses in my prospectus where do i start!!! Ok we have Certificate in Education/PCGE .....2 year Uni course ....3 days per week or City and Guilds 7302 Certificate in delivering learning.....introduction......17 week course or City...
  16. diesel1978

    bio sculpture techs advise required please!!

    HI All For any of you who have ever used or still do use bio sculpture gel i wondered if you could answer a question for me please!! I have a new client who was wearing bio sculpture clear gel over her natural job was to remove it came off in rubbery pieces and...
  17. diesel1978

    Toes...acrylic or gel which is best??

    I just wondered what are the opinions of all nail geeks on toe enhancements....... i use both l&p and gel but just wondered which was easiest for rebalancing...wear and tear etc?
  18. diesel1978

    footballers wifes thumb nail!!

    dis n e one notice gillian taylforths thumb nail in footballers wives? there was a really good close what was that all about!!
  19. diesel1978

    Australian bodycare facial products..any advice appreciated

    Can anyone offer any pros and cons of using the australian body care facial system? would love to hear some feedback on it
  20. diesel1978

    Creative Nail Design Uniform help please

    Hi All I was just wondering about the new cnd uniform sizes....... i think they are an absolute bargain but before i buy one can anyone tell me what the sizes are like....are they big fittings or small fittings? Any help would be much appreciated