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  5. Taralass

    New business, new name, after 6 years off I'm raring to go! The Tan Room😍

    New business, new name, after 6 years off I'm raring to go! The Tan Room😍
  6. Taralass

    Good/bad feedback please on MaxiMist equipment

    You maybe able to trial one if you could fine someone near to you that has one. It has really reduced the amount of solution I use too which is better on the £££.. average about 30-40ml now per full body.
  7. Taralass

    Good/bad feedback please on MaxiMist equipment

    I have the maximist evolution and love it. Its also a very quiet machine which helps massively. It comes with 3 guns and you simply click and spray!
  8. Taralass


    I bloody love it!!! :)
  9. Taralass

    Spray tan trainer

    Thank you, have inboxed you back X
  10. Taralass

    Spray tan trainer

    Sounds fab! Do you know what the actual course is called? How long did it take you?
  11. Taralass

    Spray tan trainer

    Has anyone gone on to become a spray tan trainer? The nearest course to me at the moment is Bristol, good hours drive. I would like to offer this in my home town. Any advice of who to go to for more info?
  12. Taralass


    From Nouvatan, if you google them they will come up. I rang on Thurs and order was delivered Friday!
  13. Taralass


    Tanned 4 lovely ladies last night and hubby did me. We used 8% 12% and 20% and the feedback this morning has been amazing!! The colour is so natural :)
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    Mr Essex!
  15. Taralass

    Spray tan extractor fan!

    Is this extractor noisy??
  16. Taralass

    Best tanning machine

    Just purchased the maximist evolution, lovely gun, great coverage and it runs much quieter then previous ones I have tried.
  17. Taralass

    Extractor fan

    Can anyone please recommend an extractor fan that I can use in my small tanning studio.... :)
  18. Taralass

    Tan fumes!

    The machine was £800 but that was second hand. You soon make it back! I replace the filter every 8 weeks which costs about £10
  19. Taralass

    Spray tan tents & mess

    I use on of these and it works a treat, although i am not mobile!
  20. Taralass

    Tan fumes!

    After spending 2 yrs tanning i decided to purchase one of these and it has made so much difference. No fumes at all now :0) Yes they are pricey but i found that my business was getting busier and busier and now tan at least 20-30 clients a week so it has paid for itself!