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  1. jamiereid92

    Beauty room to rent in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

    Hi, I'm Jamie and I have a spacious beauty room to rent in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. The room is above a busy hair salon but youte far enough away that you wont hear the hairdryers. You will be completely self employed so will need to take your own appointments and your own bills, but you...
  2. jamiereid92

    Hair extensions too expensive

    Hi, Im new to the world of extensions, I'm a salon owner and hairdresser but dont do extensions myself. I sent one of my team on some training with easilocks but i am finding clients are not able to afford the hair, It's costing over £400 just for the hair so its off putting for most of our...
  3. jamiereid92

    Beauty room available in Bedfordshire

    Hi, have a beauty room for rent in town centre of Dunstable in Bedfordshire, Ideally looking for start asap, we won't be having an employed beauty therapist as of January and there will be a group of clients with no where to go, so will add a lot of custom to your business. Please see our...
  4. jamiereid92

    Client’s scalp burnt

    Has a client in for all over bleach on Thursday night, she is a regular and always needs it bleached twice to get the lift. Never had an issue before. On second bleach application she said it was burning so we rinsed it straight off and applied a scalp mask to calm it down. She said it wasn't...
  5. jamiereid92


    Hi everyone, Was wondering whats anyones experiences with Affinage? We are currently s Wella salon but are tired by the lack of support we are given from wella, the lack of product knowledge the reps have, and we just feel taken for granted. Is wella colour really superior to Affinage? or...
  6. jamiereid92

    Renting out training space

    Hi Geeks, I have recently taken over a salon, its huge, and has a massive training room on the third floor. A college is interested in renting it out , i have no idea if they are looking to use it for a few days, or quite regularly. Where can i go to find advise for what to charge for this...
  7. jamiereid92

    Random notifications

    Is anyone else getting random notifications from salon geek? I'm getting alerts about random threads that haven't been posted in for years, one today was from 2005! I've never commented in them before and there are no new comments.. so I don't understand why salon geek is telling me about them...
  8. jamiereid92

    Photo release forms

    Does anyone have any sample photo release forms they are willing to share? Or any apps that can be used for digital signatures? Thank You
  9. jamiereid92

    Training staff in retail

    Hi geeks, As some of you know i am just about to open my first salon (eeeeek) and we already have a few staff members. I've met them and they all seem very friendly and have a good work ethic, however the retail numbers are poor. I don't believe it's their fault, i don't think its something...
  10. jamiereid92

    NXT opinions

    I've never thought of going with a cheaper brand until I heard lots of people say good things about nxt, is the colour any good? I'm also thinking what comes with it? Like training and so on? Thanks x
  11. jamiereid92

    Finance company breaks confidentiality

    Hello, I am looking for some help. I have been trying to purchase a hair salon and before any information I had to sign a confidentiality agreement. I was in touch with a finance company and in the end decided I didn't like their offer so stopped contacting them. They were fully aware I was...
  12. jamiereid92

    Taking card payments?

    What does everyone use, or have good experience with card reader wise? i have just found one called Sum Up, its on offer for just £29+vat for the reader and then 1.69% per transaction. This is cheaper than the others, but if the salon is getting busy thats a lot of money to be paying out... to...
  13. jamiereid92


    Hi everyone, I posted a little while ago asking for some help finding a place for my salon. So much has happened since then, I've found somewhere I really like, can afford the rent and getting a contractor to have a look next week and give me a quote. I have been in touch with solicitors to...
  14. jamiereid92

    Finding location for salon

    Hi all, I'm looking to start up my own salon and feel I have saved a lot of money... However it doesn't seem like it's enough. After doing research online many websites say it's cheaper and easier to buy an existing salon. However looking on business websites the salons are so expensive to...
  15. jamiereid92

    Men's perm

    Hi everyone, this is a question for my own hair. I've wanted to have a perm for a long time now I'm just not sure how to go about it. I'e attached some pictures of what I want the result to look like I'm just nervous on what wind to do and what size rollers? I was thinking taking a diagonal...
  16. jamiereid92

    Mohawk braid

    Hi guys #nightmare in tomorow Need help with hair up, client has super straight Asian hair wants mohawk Braid. Watched a few YouTube video, does anyone have any special tips? Thanks in advance... this is stopping me from sleeping :(
  17. jamiereid92

    Just for laughs

  18. jamiereid92

    Level 3 whilst working full time

    Hi guys! in a pickle!! I really want to become a teacher eventually so i need my Level 3, However there is no way i can afford to not work for a year. I have a job in a salon at the moment, im gonna talk to my boss once she gets back from her hoiday, but is there anyway i can do my level 3...
  19. jamiereid92

    What happened to the News on Salon Geek?

    There used to be a News section on the home page.. Has it gone or have i just lost it? thanks
  20. jamiereid92

    Curly men's hair?

    Omg fellow geeks I'm having a panic over nothing!!! I've started seeing someone and he has very curly hair. I want to create this style in the picture, his hair is curly that this guys. What I was going to do is cut the back and sides to finger length then over direct to leave the top longer...