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  1. Lady Murasaki

    Best way to sell my pro makeup kit

    Good afternoon I have closed my business recently after 18 years working as a pro MUA. The problem is what to do with my kit and equipment, as I don’t want to throw them away or sell the for next to nothing, however I am struggling to sell my MAC, Bobbi Brown, Ben Nye and Lily Lolo as a...
  2. Lady Murasaki

    Association of Professional Makeup, is it worth joining?

    I was wondering if anyone on SG is a member of the association of professional makeup and if so is it worth joining? Many thanks Lady M
  3. Lady Murasaki

    Hampshire: MUAs & hairstylists wanted

    I am looking for qualified and insured makeup artists and hairstylists in the Southampton and Portsmouth areas. I am looking for people on a freelance bases that can help on large wedding jobs this year and in 2017 Excellent rates of pay
  4. Lady Murasaki

    Extension colour rings

    I have recently qualified in hair extensions and was just wondering how many extension colours rings I should you have. I currently have 3: prestige, routes and hair planet. Many thank Lady M
  5. Lady Murasaki

    Am I being unreasonable?

    I have just moved house so I can work from home. I had a lady come around for a makeup trial and she brought her mum and friend with her. The friend had a newborn baby with her. I'm not a prude, but I was really offended when she suddenly started to change her baby on my new wooden floors...
  6. Lady Murasaki

    Non areosol hairspray recommendations needed due to new asthma diagnosis

    Hi I have recently been dignosed with asthma (I have been given an inhaler by my GP) and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a really good firm hold hairspray that is not an areosol as I'm finding hairspray triggers attacks. Many thanks Lady M
  7. Lady Murasaki

    Why are some clients so insensitive?

    I was doing a wedding this am and the mother of bride started to make small talk, how long have you been doing makeup etc, then the subject turned to children as she had her 2 year old granddaughter on her lap. She ask me if I had children and I said no. She then went on to say, more women...
  8. Lady Murasaki

    Client putting me in a difficult position

    Good afternoon geeks I took on a wedding booking for initially 4 hair ups and two makeups, the bride then changed her mind and wanted 6 hair ups instead, which find as I can do these without an assistant. I told her a month in advance of her trial that I would need confirmed numbers at least 1...
  9. Lady Murasaki

    FaceTime flasher: Hampshire ladies beware!

    Hi ladies Mods please let me know if this post is ok. This is a serious thread and as an ex police woman I feel I should make all ladies within Apple business iphones and Apple face time app aware of this! Last night I had a someone pose as a client contacting me through face time. I'm not...
  10. Lady Murasaki

    Forced to consider leaving the wedding industry

    After 16 years of been a professional makeup artist and hairdresser doing weddings, I am gradually being forced to consider leaving the industry due the silly low rates being charged by other so called artists. I have already been forced to to go from full time to partime and get a full time...
  11. Lady Murasaki

    Should I charge my bride more?

    Good morning I orginally quoted my client for her day wedding up do then at the trial she changed her mind about what she wanted which is fine, but now she wants a blow dry on the day and full head of clip in extensions curled and fitted. So now on her wedding day she would like her hair blow...
  12. Lady Murasaki

    Weave training courses near Southampton and Portsmouth

    good morning! I am a fully qualified hairdresser and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a training course for weaves near Portsmouth or Southampton. Many thanks Lady M
  13. Lady Murasaki

    Salon Gold 24 hour claim number

    Does anyone have the salon gold out of hours number? I need to speak to them, but I don't have the out of hours number and they are shut today
  14. Lady Murasaki

    Client complaining about airbrush makeup

    I had client today for a makeup trial and used temptu airbrush system. The foundation and blush were blended well and no patches the clients has come back to me this evening saying the makeup became patch and flakey. I have been using the system for over a year now and not had any problems...
  15. Lady Murasaki

    It's my birthday!

    35 today 😊
  16. Lady Murasaki

    Strip false lashes how much do you charge

    How much do you charge clients for strip lashes?
  17. Lady Murasaki

    Client ignored my request not to eat nuts and seeds

    I had a clients come to me today for a trial for her special occasion. They had brought some snacks with them and I said it was ok to eat them as long as it was not in the treatment room and that it was not peanuts nuts or seeds which I'm allergic too. Low and behold them start munching nuts...
  18. Lady Murasaki

    New price list design

    This my new price list design! What do you guys think!
  19. Lady Murasaki

    Discounted trials at wedding fairs

    Just wanted to run this by other MUAs that do wedding fairs. Do you thing I would be a good idea to offer trials at the wedding fair? Either full price or discounted? I'am doing a local wedding fair and I just wanted to give myself an opportunity to do makeup without giving it away free.
  20. Lady Murasaki

    Unable to sell shellac kit

    I am trying to sell me shellac kit from S2 as I no longer offer nail treatments, and have listed it on eBay, pro websites with little success. Is anyone else that is no longer nails or a switching system having problems selling their shellac kits?