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  1. SallyGirlJojo

    NVQ level 3, I'm thinking aloud!

    The Beauty Academys training is poor in my opinion. I know someone who trained with them and to pass her assessments all she had to do was provide photographs of her work. This is not a valid way of assessment. You'll be cheating yourself going to them!
  2. SallyGirlJojo

    Foundations for kit?

    Cheekychick is spot on with what she says, its interesting I tried the armani on myself and again it was nice, but just didnt last well on me. But theres a lot of MUA's that love it, but for me Double Wear is my holy grail! I also stock MAC Pro Longwear and a few NARS All day luminous. Every MUA...
  3. SallyGirlJojo

    Mistair foundation

    I've got it - I rarely use it to be honest. The coverage isnt amazing and the longivity isn't great - but I think thats the same with most airbrush foundations. I'm dying to try Temptu x
  4. SallyGirlJojo

    Foundations for kit?

    My advice is try them all on yourself first, take your skin into consideration though. I am dry, but I bought SFF as every MUA and his dog seems to use it, I hated it. I never get spots but I got terrible breakouts after using it. Although I did really like the coverage. MUFE HD is a 'meh'...
  5. SallyGirlJojo

    Nars sheer glow foundation

    Hi! No I don't - and I never would. I got a sample of it. Its sheer - yes - any glow about it? No. Not long lasting, overall a very dissapointing foundation for the price. Maybe you could get a sample and see for yourself?
  6. SallyGirlJojo

    Where do you buy your makeup from?

    Yes indeedy - if you look on their websites its in the 'Pro' section
  7. SallyGirlJojo

    Mua's what strip lashes do you use?

    I use Primalash, they are cheaper but still really good - they do 5 packs for about £5, and they also do a 60% MUA discount too
  8. SallyGirlJojo

    Mylash lash lifting

    Yep love it! Fab training and have great results
  9. SallyGirlJojo

    Where do you buy your makeup from?

    I've got pro discount for the following brands NARS MAC Illamasqua Make up forever Charlotte Tilbury Bare Minerals All online discount programmes :)
  10. SallyGirlJojo

    Mylash lash lifting

    Yes I have!
  11. SallyGirlJojo

    Mylash Lift-has anyone used this?

    Hi, Yes I do and I have good results from them!
  12. SallyGirlJojo

    Make-up artists: let's share tips!

    I don't think they do, Eve Taylor could be a good shout! Might be good to ask this question in a skin care thread too!
  13. SallyGirlJojo

    Payleven machine

    I've got one - I try not to use it to be honest! It takes about 10 minutes to load and log in and connect - which is fustrating when you've got your client there waiting!
  14. SallyGirlJojo

    Make-up artists: let's share tips!

    No I don't - I wish I did! I did an offer for brides which included a microdermabrasion course to improve their skin - no takers! I know Rochelle O'Brien MUA gives a dermalogica sample set to her brides, she charges £400 for wedding make up.
  15. SallyGirlJojo

    ZUCA reviews, storage for beauty therapists?

    I've got a Zuca that I use for my Make up transport - it is heavy - but I have a LOT of stuff in there! there are so many different compartments in the zuca. I use my flat palettes in the zips at the side, two large craft cases with my make up in, my brushes in another bag in the stretchy pocket...
  16. SallyGirlJojo

    Student grumble

    My tip is try and receive as many treatments from other students, I learnt a lot from others, in terms of what felt good and maybe not so good! And also, you will never receive as many treatments in such a short time as you will at college so make the most :P! x
  17. SallyGirlJojo

    Make-up artists: let's share tips!

    That's a plouise image I think, and they use hairspray to keep the hairs up :|
  18. SallyGirlJojo

    MUAs, when did you feel confident enough?

    Hi Emma, Firstly, if you can afford it, invest in a lower F stop lens. Its hard to explain what it does in photography speak, in normal speak it blurs the background and focuses on the face. Mine goes down to F1.8 if you just google that it will come up, mine was about £100 i think. Then, I...
  19. SallyGirlJojo

    Pre-fanned lashes

    I bought a pack and ended up binning them they were awful to pick up and the fans fell apart when picked up, which sort of defeats the object!
  20. SallyGirlJojo

    Airbrushed makeup

    Airbrush make up isnt for every client. I did theairbase course and even people on the course were dissapointed with the look of the foundation