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  1. Lady Murasaki

    Best way to sell my pro makeup kit

    Good afternoon I have closed my business recently after 18 years working as a pro MUA. The problem is what to do with my kit and equipment, as I don’t want to throw them away or sell the for next to nothing, however I am struggling to sell my MAC, Bobbi Brown, Ben Nye and Lily Lolo as a...
  2. Lady Murasaki

    Horrific client has ruined our floor!

    As we not mental health professionals, and don't know this woman well (and have only one side to this story) I think its unfair to make comments on this woman's mental health status. I do find the term 'unhinged' rather an offensive, and rather derogatory term for people suffering from mental...
  3. Lady Murasaki

    Horrific client has ruined our floor!

    If it's true and she has gone to the police, the police are duty bound to investigate her claims, whether or not they have 'dealt her sort' before. I should know, I'm an ex cop.
  4. Lady Murasaki

    Family volunteering your services!

    I would set a precedent and politely refuse to do the service, stating that due to you being pregnant you are not able to do it. I think what has happened here reading between the lines is that your mum may have innocently as an off the cuff remark, said to one of your relatives about having a...
  5. Lady Murasaki

    Client threatening legal action

    I would phone your insurance company and send them I copy of the lawyers letter, details of her phone call (what was said, who took the call, time the call came in and finished and who witness the phone call), copy of her FTA in the apt book and statements to the fact she did not attended her...
  6. Lady Murasaki

    Nightmare client who wants refund

    I would refund her, but charge her the original price for each of the 3 facials she has had, plus the one she turned up and cancelled on the day and refund her the difference. The others 3 you will have to put down to experience, unless you have a legally binding sign contract with her. This...
  7. Lady Murasaki

    Shellac and hairdressing?

    I get 3 to 4 weeks out my shellac and I do hairdressing as wells with graphic design (lots of keyboard work and scrolling with a mouse) and mine lasts 3/4 weeks. It must be because she mixes brands.
  8. Lady Murasaki

    Miscarriage + business + non understanding clients!

    I completely understand why you don't want to book her back in , as it would be awkward and very uncomfortable for you. What you could do, is to send her an email or text with the following. Dear xx Thank you for getting in touch recently and for apologising. This has been a very distressing...
  9. Lady Murasaki

    Make up range?

    I have been a lily Lolo stockist for just over a year now and I find their customer service is excellent and I do retail a lot of products to my clients
  10. Lady Murasaki

    Massage complaint

    This It is what this forum is for, but havling re read your post. Surly it is unprofessional of the insurance company to recommend you to do nothing (not you). I would be looking for a new insurer as they clearly don't have your best interests at heart and are unwilling to help you in this...
  11. Lady Murasaki

    Shoes on or off mobile

    As an ex police officer I can honestly tell you that if you need to flee quickly for your own safety its best doing it in shoes, than run down the street where there's gravel and glass on pavement r in socks or bare feet Working mobile in people's homes is risky especially if you are a lone...
  12. Lady Murasaki

    Shoes on or off mobile

    I have had clients ask me to take my shoes off and I have refused on the grounds of: 1) health and safety: if anything sharp drops on my feet they need protecting and to stop slips and falls. 2) personal safety: if I need to leg it for any reason I can do it quickly and safely in shoes or if I...
  13. Lady Murasaki


    I would ask for a small non refundable deposit. For me the amount of non refundable deposit taken depends on the value of the booking/treatments booked/location of where I wold have to travel too, so if the booking value is £110 and 15 miles away , I would ask for a 50% non refundable deposit...
  14. Lady Murasaki

    Association of Professional Makeup, is it worth joining?

    I was wondering if anyone on SG is a member of the association of professional makeup and if so is it worth joining? Many thanks Lady M
  15. Lady Murasaki

    Very quiet

    people tend to hold off due to xmas being around the corner,. once xmas work party dates start to get confirmed etc, it will soon get busy again :-)
  16. Lady Murasaki

    Not able to drive

    How about converting a small space in your living room or kitchen for nails/beauty? you can get a cheap mobile manicure table and fold it away when its not needed? If i have a client that want's to come to me and doesn't want me to come to them that's what i do and fold the table and makeup...
  17. Lady Murasaki

    Not able to drive

    Is there any local beauty salons or hairdressers very near to you that can rent you a space?
  18. Lady Murasaki

    Which foundations do you recommend for a freelance kit

    I Love MAC face and body, but hate MAC studio fix, can't get it work for me at all.
  19. Lady Murasaki

    Emergency advice on lash removal

    Unless you are a registered health care professional and working in that capacity, you should not recommend anyone to take any medication over the counter or otherwise. Always refer them back to the salon or therapist where got them applied or to a health care professional or pharmacist. You...
  20. Lady Murasaki

    Which foundations do you recommend for a freelance kit

    The problem with product recommendations are that what works for one person, may not work for an other. The most cost effective way is to get samples if you can and test them out yourself to see if it's what you and your clients require. MAC do samples when you go their stores and so do some...