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  1. Fab Freak

    What you can do! - Electricity Reduction Story This is really interesting and is a win win as you help save the environment and save yourself money at the same time.
  2. Fab Freak

    What if distributors asked to see your insurance annually?

    I was thinking the other night and wondered in order to try and help maintain professional standards in the industry could the distributors help in that role by insiting that Technicians/Salons produce their insurance on a annual basis? Not one of the 5 people that I currently buy from have...
  3. Fab Freak

    NEWS: I coudn't believe my ears!!!

    I was astounded today to hear that the home office are only banning prisoners from having the new Play Station 3 because of the WiFi connection - now this is a valid point and I can see why they've banned them and agree but HELLOOOO surely they shouldn't have access to such luxuries anyway -...
  4. Fab Freak

    Do you use a brush to apply your foundation & which do you recommend?

    I'm not sure whether or not I should buy a brush for the application of my foundation. In the past I've used sponges - but felt they were wasteful soaked up more than it applied, possibly my technique. But I'm wondered if i will find I get a better finish using a brush? I've seen one for...
  5. Fab Freak

    Happy 30th Birthday Sal

    Happy Birthday Sal Welcome to Club 30, hoping you have a fabulous day hun and sorry for only just posting. Love and best wishes to you. Lou x :hug: PS you don't look it :wink2:
  6. Fab Freak

    Beautician on TV...worried she doesn't look good enough for clients

    This week on 10 years younger, Gill is a beautician and is not happy the poor love is 38 but looks on average 52, Anyway reason she's concerned is that she dosn't look good enough for her clients which made me think how important it is too look good for your clients. It made me thing and...
  7. Fab Freak

    If Carlsberg wrote books this would probably be the best book in the world

    I recently bought a book called Colour Me Confident by Veronique Henderson and Pat Henshaw. This is book as been written by the worlds leading image consultancy since 1978. I now get what Bridget Jones's mum was talking about...'Bridget darling go why don't you go and get your colours...
  8. Fab Freak

    OMG my friend met David Beckham today

    My friend has just gone to Madrid and they got to meet Romeo and his Daddy (David Beckham) and he was lovely by all accounts, which I'm not surprised he comes over very naturally IMO. he even took the time to sign an autograph for her daughter as it was her Birthday - how sweet is he...:hug...
  9. Fab Freak

    Which hot sex god would you want on your calendar

    Following on from Judys thread who would you want on your calendar mine would be; Daniel Craig (drool - OMG that lucky ocean) Jason Stathem (Grrr the transporter) Brad Pitt (Mr and Mrs Jones woof) Eric Bannerman (yum yum in Troy) Pearce Brosnan (The Matidor - oh even with those undies )...
  10. Fab Freak

    ARGH i hate people that buy and sell tickets on ebay (specifically for take that)

    Money gragging evil people that rob us of the opportunity of seeing our favorite pop stars. The ticktets are going for a couple of hundred quid for a pair - it's wrong. Far enough if you've bought tickets and then find out that you can't attend but to buy the ticket as and then sell them...
  11. Fab Freak

    Phwoar I'm loving Daniel out of Ugly Betty

    It's hillarious tonight. I just love this show not as much as Sex in the City but I doubt anything will ever beat that Still freaks me out that Jim Robinson is playing a media mugal :eek:
  12. Fab Freak

    I've lost LOST - please can you help

    :eek: I don't have sky and as an addict of Lost i was traumatised when sky 1 got the series rights but at the same time as series 3 started my friend got Sky - yippee do dah, what a result:green: So they tape it on series link but then it only goes and stops for a month and unbeknown to my...
  13. Fab Freak

    BBC2 Arrange me a Marriage - would you use a match maker

    I'm going to be tuning in to BBC2 tongiht at 8 to see what exactly this entails, I can't inmagine it will come cheap but as a single gal thats using the internet for dating, could this me the next step:!: :rolleyes: I do hope not :lol: but i'll be interested to see what succeses if any this...
  14. Fab Freak

    A bad experienced being waxed.

    I forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago but I recently decided to change my prunning regime and go back to having a bikini wax as opposed to using Veet. Anyway, I walk past a Salon a lot locally and it looks very pretty from the outside and gives out all the right signals so I decided to...
  15. Fab Freak

    Whats your favorite music down load site & why?

    Well the saga continues....LOL with me and my new MP3. There are some really cool tunes in the charts that i'd like to down load is there a good site that i don't have to subscribe to for downloads? I've looked at napster but they seemed to want a montly/yearly commitment and I hate giving...
  16. Fab Freak

    Unbelievable Road Rage Attack to an Extreme

    I was travelling along the A653 this morning through Shaw Cross in the when out of the blue a white van man was tail gatting me with his lights on full beam. Now i've only got a little MR2 so it was the perfect height to completely blind my vision. I carried on as there was no space to pull...
  17. Fab Freak

    Which earphones?

    I've discovered that my ears are two small for the standard creative earphones and I need some replacments so I wondered which ones you recommend ?
  18. Fab Freak

    Question: should the British Fashion Council ban size Zeros from London Fasion Week

    I agree the should ban size zeros. Do do you think it's right or is it not their rights to decide, or does it not matter either way? I think this is a ridiculous size even for a catwalk model. The fashion industry needs to send the right message out and hopefully Britain will follow the...
  19. Fab Freak

    Happy Birthday Handmaiden

    Hope you are having a lovely Birthday Kelly All the best. Louise :hug:
  20. Fab Freak

    The armed forces - I NEED YOU?

    Has or is, anyone in the armed forces or has extensive knowledge of life in there as a have a question which I can only really PM. Thanks