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    Help getting blonder

    Hello, can someone advise me please. I havent used salon geek for a long time but I need some hair advice. I have had highlighted my hair for many years but always wanted a darker more natural blonde. Unfortunately I never seem to get this. My hair is so blonde now that people are commenting on...
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    20%off nouvatan

    If anyone is interested 20% off this weekend :). Don't know if nouvatan have done this before but it covers the delivery charge which is a bonus x
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    Patch test spray tan party

    Hi I know patch testing has been covered lots in previous threads and I know a lot of geeks are insisting on them. I at present ask if they require one and insist if they suffer any allergies etc. plus ask for disclaimer etc which I know means nothing. I am changing the way I do things as if...
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    Help, how to apologise?

    Gutted I phoned up last week to order my extractor fan when I was told they had plenty of stock. I have a party booked in Thursday which has been booked in for months but I have only just been able to confirm. Just checked my emails to be now told extractor fan isn't coming. Omg will now have to...
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    Help mixing Sienna X

    Morning geeks got a party booked and they have decided they want sienna x. Most people I tan normally have 8% or 10%. I am concerned as I use it along side another solution and don't want to order say 3 litres of different percent solutions andthen be left with loads going out of date. I thought...
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    Tans for photos

    Do any geeks have any experience of tans that look great on camera. I have a customer in a couple of weeks who is having some professional photos done in a studio, so lighting flashes etc. I imagine this would be totally different than a normal photograph?I use sienna x and suntana so a brown...
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    Images for advertising

    Hi. I get some of my images for advertising from the companies I use with permission of course. I know you can get in trouble for just pulling things of the Internet. I have looked at the free images available and nothing seems that good. Are there any web sites where you can pay to use an...
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    Negative comments?

    Hi. I have been spray tanning for over a year now and I have trialled lots of solutions. I want an honest answer from any other tanners who mainly tan regularly with repeat custom. Have any of you had no negative feedback at all? I finally decided on suntana and sienna x solutions. I just find...
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    Business miles

    What do you all do when claiming business miles in situations when you are not getting any money for a service. When I do a free spray tan for whatever reason, loyalty card, advertising, or even a no show, can I still claim the miles. I am concerned about my books. Looking like I have made it...
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    Free spray tan website

    Hi geeks. Been browsing for a while now looking for a suitable free website with a template that would suit spray tanning. That is all I am offering for the foreseeable future. Any ideas what may work well or even what you use would be great.x
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    Answering the phone

    Hi geeks About to get started on my spray tanning business shortly although had to delay already due to a few health issues at present :( I want to be 100% fighting fit. I was wondering how all of you word the initial phone call. I intend to request a patch test to start. It's on my consultation...
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    All tans come out dark

    Wondered if you tan geeks could give me a bit of advice. I have tested 4 different tans LA tan Sienna nouvatan and fresh indulgence. I am at a loss really. I did a tan the other day on a olive skinned person with a 9 % fresh indulgence I seen her today and omg she is really really brown it is...
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    Let down by friends again!!

    Hi there geeks. I am unsure what to do at the moment. I have passed my spray tanning course before Xmas. Got my brilliant kit January from la tanning. Been practicing on daughter and my other half every week since. Managed to do only one friend! I was supposed to be practicing on two others...
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    New business but unsure of the best order?

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me with the start up of my Mobilebeauty business. The thing that is confusing me at the moment is the best methodical order to put the wheels in motion. I have all these things spinning round in my head and on paper of things to do. Think of company name, get...
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    Positive support needed

    Hello I have been browsing this site for quite a few weeks now learning as much as I can from your posts. It inspired me to invest in the first tender steps into the world of nails and beauty starting with a manicure course. I am booked onto a cnd pedicure course next week also. The thing is...