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  1. Severnrose

    Percentage split when offering a discount & other questions

    Hi all, I was just wondering what happens with a percentage split when you offer a discount (to clients) on a treatment? Does the salon owner get the percentage based on the full price of the treatment or of the discounted treatment? Also, am I right in thinking that the salon owner cannot...
  2. Severnrose

    I could cry-Facebook

    Ok so I knew it could always happen but Facebook have changed my business page (made as a personal page) to a "LIKE" page I already have a LIKE page so it's being merged with that but I am GUTTED!!!! The like pages are so rubbish because you can't always tag people in photos (which helps to get...
  3. Severnrose

    Has anyone mobile taken on a helper?

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone who is mobile has taken on an employee before or got someone to work for them but on a self-employed basis?! How have you found it? I'm busy but want to cut down on the hours I do in the evening but hate saying no to clients so thought if I had a helper then I...
  4. Severnrose

    I've made a mistake, any advice please?

    Hi all, On thurs 6th Nov I has a full evening booked up with spray tans. One particular customer text me about an hour before her appointment saying she was going to have to cancel her tan as she now wasn't getting her money until the next day and that would be too late for her tan. At this...
  5. Severnrose

    Help! Under eye gel pads

    Hi all, I'm at a loss, really don't know what to use to hold down bottom lashes when doing the LVL Lash lift. The ones that came with the initial kit from Nouveau slip upwards towards the eye when the client closes their eyes. I tried some from Sally's and they do the same! So I ordered some...
  6. Severnrose

    Is this achievable?

    Hi all, popped over from skin geek for some all round general advice, hope this is ok. I want to go from dark brown (coloured) to this grey/purple colour and wondered if it's achievable and how long it might take?! I have asked a friend of mine who is a qualified hairdresser but do you think...
  7. Severnrose

    Is this achievable?

  8. Severnrose

    Alternative barrier creams

    Hi all, I have completely run out of barrier cream; will order some with my next spray tan solution order but to get me through the next few days I wondered if there was a good alternative? Aqueous cream comes to mind, would that be right? Thanks
  9. Severnrose

    Sally's VAT free day

    Is it today? :)
  10. Severnrose

    Renting a room in someone's house

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone rents a room in someone else's house to do beauty treatments? It's been mentioned to me that I could use a room in someone's house to do my tanning/LVL lashes but I have no idea what would be a realistic price to pay for this? If anyone has any advice that would...
  11. Severnrose

    LVL Lashes on men

    Hi, does anyone have any photos of LVL Lashes you've done on men? I have one client who has lashes that point downwards, so much so that they sometimes go in his eyes. He wants the lift doing but doesn't want a huge change (ie doesn't want them suddenly pointing upwards). Had anyone done any...
  12. Severnrose

    LVL Lashes - Any additional tips?

    Hi all :) I've just completed my LVL Lash training and can't wait to get started. I need to buy a bag to store all my kit in, and get a couple of extra bits - a blanket to keep the client warm etc. I wondered if there was anything else you have found helpful since starting that I may need to...
  13. Severnrose

    Dunstable, Nouvatan

    If anyone uses Nouvatan and covers Dunstable/Luton please inbox me. I have someone who wants 3 tans 9th/10th may but it's slightly out of my area. Would rather refer them to someone who uses the same solution as me. Nouvatan can't help me due to data protection?!
  14. Severnrose

    Mobile beauty couch

    Hi all, Any tips on a good mobile beauty couch?! I want one that isn't majorly heavy and bulky but at the same time can carry a lot of weight (don't want any awkward moments with heavier clients). Are wooden or metal frames best?! Many thanks for you help :) x
  15. Severnrose

    Fitness DVD?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good fitness DVD? I don't think I want a dancing one as my coordination is pretty shocking and for me to actually be motivated to do it, it needs to be simple exercises! Also want it fairly short - maybe 30 mins or something as like most people, don't have much...
  16. Severnrose

    Need a name for our kitten!

    Suggestions please! The people we got him from called him Mr Kitler lol cos of his Hitler tash lol!!
  17. Severnrose

    30th Birthday - what did you do? Ideas please!

    Hi all :) Right I am turning 30 at the end of April and have always planned to have a party. I love parties! However I have started researching local pubs, hotels, venues and they range from £800-£1650!!!! I CANNOT afford that! I could keep costs down and have it in a hall but I didn't really...
  18. Severnrose

    Late appointment times - hate saying no

    Hi all, I am mobile and work up to any time at night, sometimes 11pm in the summer but I only do this when I have one appointment after the other. The trouble with this is now I am a lot quieter some of those people who liked 'late night' appointments have asked for them and I have said no...
  19. Severnrose

    Facebook raffles

    Hi everyone :) Has anyone ever run a raffle on Facebook? I had never thought of this until I saw someone do it the other day but now I can't find what page it was! Basically I'm trying to work out how I can raffle off a Spray Tan. Hopefully I will gain some extra Likers on my page and also...
  20. Severnrose

    Please help me reply, politely

    Hi will try and keep this short and make just the main points. I ran a competion where the winner won a free spray tan, rules were it was to be claimed by end Sept. I advised the winner and she said great she will contact me after her holiday to book. She left it till near the end of sept to...