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  1. sighthound

    Question for fashion runway nail stylists

    When I watch videos posted on the new runway nail styles, the nails are usually presented pre-painted on full tips - so my questions are: 1. How do they stick them on to the display? - looks like they are on a white strip of some sort. 2. How are they attached to the model? Don't they need...
  2. sighthound

    Shellac Pedi setup question

    Hi all. I am currently doing quite a lot of Shellac pedicures and am not finding my setup very successful for a lot of clients, so would like to know how you have this setup with having to have the UV lamp easily accessible. Currently what I have, is myself, sitting on a wee poof and client is...
  3. sighthound

    Technicians who wear gloves

    I have just started wearing gloves for services and was wondering if anyone else who does, has worked out a way to apply disposable forms for enhancements with gloves on - they are just so sticky that I have to take the gloves off to fit the forms.
  4. sighthound

    Question about paraffin wax manis/pedis

    Hi all. What is the consensus on dipping hands/feet into wax pots? Wouldn't this be unhygienic? Is it advised to either paint the wax on with a brush, or pour some wax into a bag and sort of squish it around the hand/foot? I am asking because paraffin wasn't part of my nail tech training, so...
  5. sighthound

    Creative Solar oil question

    Hi all Just a question about Solar Oil. I understand the carrier oil is jojoba as the molecules are small enough to penetrate the product and nourish the natural nail below...but....does solar oil still accomplish this if the client is wearing nail polish? Can the oil still be absorbed or...
  6. sighthound

    Sculpting "natural" nails help

    Hi all. I was just wondering what colours to use ( I use Creative) when sculpting a set of Natural (not french) opposed to cutting their real nails right down and then tipping. Would I have to custom blend the tip colour, or is there a semi opaque natural colour already available...