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  1. mobilemartine


    So excited training with dermace next week, really scared at the same time to do with travel and a week away from my babies ;( Anyone trained with them are you super busy and no time to think Thanks muchly X
  2. mobilemartine

    Beauty trolley

    I'm looking for a new trolley with lamp attached Where would you say if the best place to purchase ? I'm training next week in semi permanent make up Thanks muchly X
  3. mobilemartine


    Would any of you lovely ladies/gents have a contract for a rent a chair (hair) that you wouldn't mind emailing me so I can have a read through and check I put it all on X
  4. mobilemartine

    Right on Christmas week

    Right on Christmas week I decide to argue and loose with my car boot ;( anyone else done anything similar ;(
  5. mobilemartine

    Sterilisation unit and towel heater

    I'm wanting to buy new units I have a duo at the moment but very big and bulky space is a premium any suggestions I don't mind 2 separate units as I only use the heated towels about twice a month Thanks in advance
  6. mobilemartine

    Microblading anaesthetics

    Micro bladders please help , I completed training this week and am a bit stuck I was told the anesthetiser is Lydocane but on asking the pharmacist his reply was which type and form does anyone have the answer pretty please x Or a company I can gove my qualifications too and buy products from...
  7. mobilemartine

    Microblade help please

    Micro bladders please help , I completed training this week and am a bit stuck I was told the anesthetiser is Lydocane but on asking the pharmacist his reply was which type and form does anyone have the answer pretty please x
  8. mobilemartine

    Microblading training

    Please help I'm looking into training in micro blading Has anyone had any experience good or bad and who's amazing to train with Many thanks
  9. mobilemartine

    Quick question

    Hello just popped over from beauty I have nothing to do with hair unless it involves removing via wax lol I would love my hair lilac but have dyed hair around a 7 base can this be achieved ;)) thanks in advance Me x
  10. mobilemartine

    Quick question

  11. mobilemartine


    Is there any place I can get my price list designed and not cost the earth ;( I have tried doing my self with many many hours later still not right ;( please help x
  12. mobilemartine

    Re-naming of salon

    Hi please help I'm about to go on maternity leave and when I come crack I would like a new name and logo to re brand and make a huge one back ;) at the moment I'm the beauty room but there is near by the beauty box and we get mixed up I quite like high maintainence ;) any help and ideas would be...
  13. mobilemartine

    Regarding children in salon

    Please help more and more people are bringing their children with them to their treatment ;( No matter how much I say to the parent and child their are products in here tgat can hurt u abd very expensive stuff that insurance does not cover if u break they leave the child do whatever it likes ;(...
  14. mobilemartine

    New Additives?

    Gutted just about to order the glitter additives as need an order large enough for free postage and they have disappeared ;( any body any ideas of they are just waiting for stock ;(
  15. mobilemartine

    Alift machine pads?

    I have the a lift and was trained in June ;) amazing machine absolutely love it although when trained there was some pads that you can use for cell rejuvenation instead of the probes which larger ones can be used on the body ??? Has any one used them for this ??what were ur results Thanks in...
  16. mobilemartine

    Laser hair removal

    Does anyone offer this and who did you train with ?? Any advice good or bad appreciated Thanks in advance me x
  17. mobilemartine

    Laser hair removal

  18. mobilemartine

    Urgent help please

    Please help I will of course phone my trainer first thing tomoz but they are closed today ;( I performed the a lift facial yesterday on a lady and with a mask and totally organic cream at the end today she text me she is red and swollen having a reaction I have never come across this with the...
  19. mobilemartine

    New treatment

    Hey all, I have managed to squeeze in A few courses this year but I would like to offer something more my ideas are Semi permanent hair removal - lpl or something similar Non invasive lipo body contouring stretch mark reduction Something along these lines anyone have any idea or...
  20. mobilemartine

    Make up range to stock to sell and use

    I'm looking for a make up range to stock and sell in my salon (small salon just me) I would also use it obviously if I want to sell I will need to promote it ;) What's everyone's ideas on stockists I really like the idea of Anthony Bradenton as some amazing start up soars I have looked at...