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  1. nail_star2003


    That's what I use iZettle!!! X Kelly x
  2. nail_star2003


    I had a credit card terminal for a few years but cancelled it when I worked out it was costing me £500+ per year!!! I didn't see why I should be paying that just so my clients didn't have to get cash out!! It's a very thin line between being considerate for your clients and paying for their...
  3. nail_star2003

    Show us your lashes!

    Here is a set I did yest with 10mm/12mm 0.20 thickness C curl x Kelly x
  4. nail_star2003

    Konad set

    Yes ur right set B did look good...I'm just one of them people I want it all to start with!!
  5. nail_star2003

    Konad set

    No probs Hun!! I hope it is the 10 polishes lol. Let me know if u get one xx Kelly x
  6. nail_star2003

    Konad set

    I'm glad u replied actually as there was 2 product descriptions!! One say 5 polishes and the other says 10!! The picture clearly shows 10 so if its anything less I'll have it refunded. But let's presume its 10, there also 7 plates which all look good, double side stamper, scraper, top coat and...
  7. nail_star2003

    Konad set

    Bloody ipad I meant I've tried stampers before....for the record I have never tried stampedes lol :) Kelly x
  8. nail_star2003

    Konad set

    I've just bitten the bullet and ordered the a Konad Classic Collection 1. I've tried stampedes before and wasn't very successful so I hope I have better luck this time lol!! I've also ordered the M12 Xmas plate so I'm slightly excited now lol x Kelly x
  9. nail_star2003

    Konad Set :))

  10. nail_star2003

    Nail stickers/decals

    Any places in particular that will sell in bulk?? X Kelly x
  11. nail_star2003

    Nail stickers/decals

    Does anyone know where I can buy nail stickers/decals on a wholesale scale? Don't really want to buy 1 pack at a time. Any companies that people have tried etc?? X Kelly x
  12. nail_star2003

    Gaining accreditation for training courses

    Lovely thank you x Kelly x
  13. nail_star2003

    My Gelish today took too long, any tips?

    In reply to not being able to do anything whilst the nails are soaking, if you do other treatments why not offer a quick eyebrow wax or other similar treatment to pass the time?? Just a thought as that's what I do and it's a bit extra money for no extra time :)) Kelly x
  14. nail_star2003

    Children in home based salon/any salon

    It's a difficult one! I do say My insurance doesn't cover under 16's but I have had people bring their children. Some are little angels and some are devils!! With the devil children I kind of let my client see my frustration and then they think twice about bringing them again lol xx
  15. nail_star2003

    Gaining accreditation for training courses

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at offering training courses but just wondering what costs are involved and who other educators have gained their accreditation with. Also, do ALL insurers require the trainer/educator to have the PTLLS qualification or is this just an advantage?? Thanks x
  16. nail_star2003

    Nail table

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to change my nail table but I want something different! I'm wanting something white (my colour scheme is white and black) but it needs storage but I want higher storage too. I know it sounds odd!! I'm wondering if any of you had any ideas of tables that can be used...
  17. nail_star2003

    Bikini Wax

    I agree with the Hot Wax! I only ever used Warm wax (strip wax) 'down there' and I used to really feel for my ladies when they were going quite red. However the min I used the hot wax my waxing was transformed!! Clients were so surprised at the pain difference and the smoothness plus they hardly...
  18. nail_star2003

    Threading or waxing?

    Hi, my personal preference would be's much quicker but also a waxing course would teach you all areas of waxing not just brows. Some clients I have swear by threading although the majority stick to waxing. But as I say, just my own opinion. Hope this helps x
  19. nail_star2003

    Professional Beauty goes .... well Professional

    I'm waiting for me free VIP pass!!!! xx
  20. nail_star2003

    Professional Beauty goes .... well Professional

    Haha, Hi Chris!!! Erm...not too sure about social butterfly but if I can't take good ol' mum does anyone wanna be my friend coming from Essex??!!!!! :hug: