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  1. pinkcouture

    Make up course

    Hi guys I haven’t been on here in a while. I worked as a beauty therapist but then had a change of career, however I would like to get back into it and do sone new courses. One thing I would really like to do is a makeup course. I have never done any makeup before so I’m looking for a good...
  2. pinkcouture

    What shade Mac powder to match NW20 foundation?

    Hi guys I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction. I currently use Mac pro longwear foundation in shade NW20 and love it. I would like to start using the pro longwear powder as well but not sure on what shade to go for. I would go into a store but I need to know asap and won’t have...
  3. pinkcouture

    Ice Vapour and Ruby Ritz?

    Hi does anyone know if these will be back for Christmas this year? My ice vapour is running low and I need a new one!
  4. pinkcouture

    Hemp hair colours on pregnant woman?

    Hi hair geeks, just popped over from beauty for your expert advice. I am currently pregnant and have avoided have any on the scalp colour as I've heard that you can become more sensitive in pregnancy and also that if you do have a reaction to colour then treating it isn't as easy when you are...
  5. pinkcouture

    5th wedding anniversary ideas

    So it is nearly my 5th wedding anniversary and I dong know what to do/buy for my husband. I have looked at loads of stuff online but struggling to find anything. Any ideas on what I could do or share what you did for your anniversaries? Thanks geeks!
  6. pinkcouture

    Irresistable neon pigments

    I just did my friends nails using the orange pigment and I found that it didn't look very bright or solid. I used it over 2 coats of studio white. Does anyone have any tips for making it look brighter and more solid. It almost looked a bit wishy washy. Thanks guys!
  7. pinkcouture

    Ideas for a bridal hamper

    My best friend is getting married next month and I would like to do a nice hamper for her with little gifts in. So far I have a wedding day yankee candle, a garter, will probably get some perfume but I am now running out of ideas. Would love some of you creative lot to give me some ideas...
  8. pinkcouture

    S2 Sweet Shop locations?

    Hi can anyone tell me where I can find a list of Sweet squared shops? Does every Creative academy have a shop? I looked on the website but it doesn't say where the shops are. I normally order online but need something tomorrow so was hoping there is somewhere near me, thanks guys!
  9. pinkcouture

    The Island with Bear Grylls

    Has anyone been watching this? I usually hate these sort of programmes but this one is really interesting! Dont think I would last a day on the island!
  10. pinkcouture

    Which Smashbox foundation?

    I have just been on the smashbox website to choose a new foundation but I wonderex if any of you with any experience of using these could help me? I'm not sure which foundation would be best for me between the Liquid Halo HD foundation or Studio Skin 15 hour wear foundation. I would like one...
  11. pinkcouture

    Waist trainers

    Has anyone used one of these? What are your experiences/opinions of them?
  12. pinkcouture

    Make-up not lasting

    Hi I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem that I do with makeup. Basically I find that if I do my makeup in the morning after a couple of hours it starts to look like its melting off my face. Its hard to explain but its like my foundation has gone back to a liquid and comes off. At...
  13. pinkcouture

    Protein world

    Has anyone used these products for weight loss? I bought the weight loss collection last year and started using it and I lost about 4lbs over 2 weeks. I then fell off the healthy wagon for a few months and started up again last week. I have 2 of the shakes a day and 1 meal, plus I'm taking the...
  14. pinkcouture

    Is anyone watching X factor this year?

    Who does everyone want to win? Best performance of the series? Most annoying contestant?
  15. pinkcouture

    Hair extensions consumer query

    I had Balmain hair extensions fitted 2 and a half weeks ago. On the day I had them coloured as well. After 2 washes the colour had pretty much all come out and since then I have lost 4 bonds. I'm abit concerned because some of the bonds look like they had pulled/snapped my hair off with them. I...
  16. pinkcouture

    Ghd curve collection

    Just popping over from beauty for some advice, I recently had 22 inch balmain extensions fitted and I am loving them but I would like to be able to curl it or even just get a nice wave. Has anyone had any experience with the Ghd curve wands and tongs? Are they good or would you recommend...
  17. pinkcouture

    Heel grips for shoes that are too big?

    I am having such trouble finding a pair of shoes for a wedding that fit me properly. I am a small size 3, could probably fit in a 2 but unfortunately most high street shoes start at a 3 😡 in fact I am sure either my feet have shrunk or shoes are being made bigger because this never used...
  18. pinkcouture

    Dermalogica treatment foundation

    Have any of you dermalogica stockists got any of the treatment foundation left in a shade 3g? I am searching high and low for it and can only find it on ebay :( if any of you have any left can you pm me please? I might even get away with a shade 2g because I'm desperate!
  19. pinkcouture

    Anniversary presents for men-help!

    It will be mine and my husbands 3 year wedding anniversary next month and I'm really stuck on what to get him. So far I have thought of getting him the P90X training set or he has also seen some trainers he likes. Does anyone have any other ideas as its also his birthday next month 😖
  20. pinkcouture


    So I'm sat here trawling through the internet like a person with an uncontrollable addiction :) You see I have a VERY unhealthy obsession with the clothes brand Delicious Couture. I am completely and utterly obsessed and it is my guilty pleasure purchasing items from this brand. My husband has...