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  1. Taralass

    Spray tan trainer

    Has anyone gone on to become a spray tan trainer? The nearest course to me at the moment is Bristol, good hours drive. I would like to offer this in my home town. Any advice of who to go to for more info?
  2. Taralass


    Tanned 4 lovely ladies last night and hubby did me. We used 8% 12% and 20% and the feedback this morning has been amazing!! The colour is so natural :)
  3. Taralass

    Extractor fan

    Can anyone please recommend an extractor fan that I can use in my small tanning studio.... :)
  4. Taralass

    Brownbitz Deliciously Dark

    BLACK LABEL DELICIOUSLY DARK, Watermelon and Pomygranit scented.... LUV LUV LUV this tan. It arrived Wednesday and have used it on 13 clients and they think its fab, brilliant feedback :biggrin:
  5. Taralass

    Brownbitz Delicioulsy Dark

  6. Taralass

    I Love My London Tan

    At only £xx a litre I think this tan is excellent. Lots of my clients have been trying this out over the past 3 weeks and the feedback is all positive, a lot saying that the wear is longer lasting, some up to 10 days! I have tried the 16% Chocolate scented and just ordered some more.
  7. Taralass

    Spray tan assistant....busy busy

    Hi Ladies Has anyone taken on a tanning assistant? I am thinking of taking a girl on and putting her on the tanning course etc just so i can free up my evenings and see my children! I am planning on letting her use my tanning studio/solution etc etc, she would sort her own insurance and...
  8. Taralass

    I love my londond tan.....

    Has anybody tried this product yet? Feedback please xx
  9. Taralass

    Omg 9% & 12%

    started using OMG this week and customers that normally have LA and Brownbitz are really not happy. The tan doesnt seem to be holding like it should do....and yes they are all preping correctly. They are regular and come every other wk. After 18 tans this wk 9 of them have fedback that...
  10. Taralass

    Feather Hair Extensions

    Hi Ladies I have ordered a bulk load of feathers and a kit and was wondering what people are charging to do this? I was thinking £8 for one £12 for two? Ideas please..x
  11. Taralass

    Tan hard to shift - Please help asap

    Couple of clients are finding it hard to remove tan around the tops of there arms and ankles...not happened before. Whats happening???
  12. Taralass

    Tan Tattoos by Brownbitz

    Tonight I have offered to all my clients a tan tattoo which i purchased from Brownbitz, i have the PlayBoy symbol ones. Every one of my clients said yes and loved them! I added £3 onto the tan. For those that bare all it was nice for them to see the colour difference on the skin. Will be...
  13. Taralass

    My new tanning room : )

    Cant wait to get started....after going mobile i have now decided to set up at home :lol:
  14. Taralass

    Brown Bitz Tan

    I have to say after trying a sample this wk I am very very impressed. I sampled the Coconut which i believe is their strongest one. I left the tan on for only 4 hours and have a lovely prob about 14%, So this could be used as a fast tan too : ) Im on day 4 and tan still looking very...
  15. Taralass

    Sunjunkie Tanning Booth

    Hi Does anyone have any opinion/feedback on these? I am having a tanning room built at home and want something more professional that a pop up tent. Thank you
  16. Taralass

    Lauren's Way Tan

    Now tried and what can i say.......LUV IT LUV IT !! After reading comments about the tan on here i was concerned that i was going to look like an orange but i have to say i am very impressed, dry's quickly, no smell (Which my partner noticed!) and looks fab, lots of comments in the...
  17. Taralass

    Eye Lash Extensions HELP PLEASE

    I have been having extensions for 9 months now and this wk decided to have them taken off.......OMG i dont seem to have any of my own lashes left. It has really upset me and i wasnt infomred that it would ruin them. Can anybody advise me of how i can help them grow back? :Scared:
  18. Taralass

    Laurens Way Spray Tan

    Can anybody tell me if they have tried the new Laurens Way solution? I stock LA Tan and Nouvatan but so many of my younger customers want me to buy this tan in.....thanks to TOWIE.
  19. Taralass

    LA Tan

    I just wanted to recommend LA Tan to all you users. In the last year i have tried Nouvatan, Sienna X, Solspa and X tan. Last month i purchased LA Tan as i read on here that people were loving the results. I have since used the 8% 10% 12% 14% and the new Disco in the Dark 18%. I have...
  20. Taralass

    OMG cant order!

    Trying to contact OMG and the contact number on website is unavailable. Anyone experiencing the same? anyone know of an alternative number please?