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  1. diesel1978

    How low is too low?!

    Thank you all soo much for your has been great to see the difference in opinions across the board and also see it in a new light. I totally agree with the use of targeted discounts....I've used them my self as a short sharp shock of a discount shall we say :D The salon to which I...
  2. diesel1978

    How low is too low?!

    Luckily for me it's not affecting me directly as I have a client base of over 13 years. Because I teach too I deal directly with other salons on both a professional level and personal and it is those whom I truly feel for. When you choose a high end product you expect it to be just that...high...
  3. diesel1978

    How low is too low?!

    Hi All , It's been a while but I really really would value peoples opinions on this one. I realise we are in a recession and times are hard for everyone but at what point do you stop giving discount and how low is too low? I'm not against giving discount but since a new salon has come along...
  4. diesel1978

    Music licensing?

    I'm having a real dilemma at the moment! A field representative came to my shop in March told me he was from PPL and asked if he could leave an information brochure with me etc. Had a chat with him and i said i would keepp it for future use. Now the only time music was played during his visit...
  5. diesel1978

    Can anyone recommend good leaflet design site and printing?

    I can confirm that Carl at verve is a LEGEND!!! x
  6. diesel1978

    Comment by 'diesel1978' in media 'WM 19'

    I have some more pictures coming and a step by step will also be added asap. Im just in the process of opening a new shop as soon as i get some time free i will get something up xxx
  7. diesel1978

    Encapsulating sweet wrappers inside Acylic nails help!

    sweet tooth anyone?? x :lol:
  8. WM 19

    WM 19

  9. diesel1978

    Encapsulating sweet wrappers inside Acylic nails help! apply a thin layer of acrylic or gel, cut foil to fit and apply glue to secure other wise the nail will just pop off! apply acrylic/gel over the top! xxx
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    Imported Photos

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  11. diesel1978

    What is a hairdressers/salon owners car !!

    The older ones are always the best...less technology!! I used to go off roading about 10 years ago used to love it. As for running on chip oil lol yep been there done that with my old golf gt tdi! Very efficient but could defo smell the chippie smell! But hey it smells better than diesel! My...
  12. diesel1978

    What is a hairdressers/salon owners car !!

    The 118d is amazing! That or the 120d m sport mmmmmmm!! The fact that the whole thing is tax deductable is amazing! Its only £35 a year tax too!I really like the sound of that!! The X6 really does'nt do it for me but then again my tastes probably seem strange to others lol The thing about...
  13. diesel1978

    What is a hairdressers/salon owners car !!

    he he my ex was lol! I drove every car concievable i think!! It was a little bit embarrassing though when all of my clients used to come and check my new wheels out at every appointment! I currently drive a bog standard astra which i hate however a rather put out ex liked to scratch my cars so...
  14. diesel1978

    Whats the most financially costly business/private mistake you've ever made??

    My biggest financial mistake has to be my friends oh and the ex! At 20 my ex borrowed circa £10k on my Credit cards and initially was paying it back. Then one day he turned round and said he was'nt paying it anymore! I should of got rid of him then! However i did'nt took me another 8...
  15. diesel1978

    Need a Creative pro styler head!!!

    I did a post yesterday but it had to be removed as it was'nt worded well enough to get my point across. If anyone knows of anywhere that may still stock these i would be most grateful for the information. I have 2 master series brushes and to be honest they are the best looking brush i have ever...
  16. diesel1978

    Dashing Diva Gelife

    speak to loubylou. She was demoing at the show x
  17. diesel1978

    Hey you! Need to spk v soon. Will catch u on msn if your on x

    Hey you! Need to spk v soon. Will catch u on msn if your on x
  18. diesel1978

    FLABéLOS machines

    Hi Hun, I help out in a salon that has the powerplates within the sunbeds> i personally have'nt used the ones at the salon but they do come highly recommended> i am sure they are approx £4 for 10 minutes usage. Based upon reviews of these i decided to purchase my self a cheaper version that i...
  19. diesel1978

    Who's a Mobile Nail Tech?

    Hth x x x
  20. diesel1978

    Interested in Spray Tanning Training in Canada

    knew you would be on the ball!! x