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  1. kattyj

    Extra Glitter Coat with Shellac - Charging?

    I don't charge extra either.
  2. kattyj

    Gelish Go Girl is Fading

    I sent mine back well over a year ago and they told me I couldn't have another one until they had sorted the fading issues out but ive seen on here that lots of people are still have trouble with it.
  3. kattyj

    Gelish Go Girl is Fading

    Go Girl does fade, I sent mine back and chose another colour, Nail Harmony said they were trying to sort the fading issues out.
  4. kattyj

    Gelish Magneto

    The silver is a lovely colour, and on its own has been very popular, especially with waterfield over the top, its gorgeous.
  5. kattyj

    Gelish Magneto

    I have 3 of the colours but they haven't been very popular although maybe that's just my clients, however, you can use them without the magnet and the colours on their own have been popular x
  6. kattyj

    Removing Gelish with Nourishing Remover?

    That's what a lot of us used to do but I don't find it makes much difference, I think after reading on here many don't anymore.
  7. kattyj

    Help with a pink & nude Gelish colour

    My Pink Smoothie doesn't fade.
  8. kattyj

    Gelish problem

    It looks like it has wrinkled from applying it too thickly.
  9. kattyj

    Peterborough or nearby area Geeks

    Eve Taylor sent me an email over the weekend asking for my help or if I can pass this message on to other therapists who may be able to offer their help, ive copied it below:- Hope that you can help or can pass this message on via your own facebook/twitter feeds if you are near to...
  10. kattyj

    Peterborough or nearby area Geeks

  11. kattyj

    Gelish to match this dress!

    Rendezvous maybe?
  12. kattyj

    Eyebrow tinting- how many drops of hydrogen peroxide?

    Are you using the same tint you used in College? I always follow the instructions for the particular tint im using.
  13. kattyj

    Bits on nails with gel polish

    Its probably your lint free wipes that are causing this as a lot of them are not completely lint free, there have been several posts about this before and a lot of us on here now use bounty kitchen roll to wipe the nail and our brushes x
  14. kattyj

    Eyelash and brow tint

    RefectoCil, definitely one of the best ive used and lots of colours.
  15. kattyj

    Hey, ive not been on for a while, moved house a few months ago and just been really busy with...

    Hey, ive not been on for a while, moved house a few months ago and just been really busy with that, built a new salon in the garage and thats been taking up all my time, hows things with you? xx
  16. kattyj

    Favourite Gelish layering combos?

    Sweet Chocolate x2 with 1 coat of Stand Out over the top, deep burgundy colour.
  17. kattyj

    Recommendations needed for water proof mascara

    I love Dreamweave but its definitely not waterproof, I wouldn't wear it whilst swimming if thats what you intend to do, Lancome do some great waterproof mascaras, all of them are great.
  18. kattyj

    20 week scan - Gastroschisis

    My god daughter had this, the mother had a natural birth and after a little op all is fine x
  19. kattyj

    Gelish Go Girl

    I sent mine back as fades after a few days x
  20. kattyj

    Gelish navy blue?

    Oh and number 14 is Caution so you can see its much lighter than 13 Deep Sea x