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  1. Tracys Beauty

    HIFU facial or A lift

    hello geeks need a bit of info on hifu facials are they better than the a lift / micro current my mums booked for a consultation for the hifu and wanted to see if its worth the money, thanks in advance tracy x
  2. Tracys Beauty

    Beauty related profit and loss sheet

    hello everyone has anyone got a copy of a beauty related profit and loss sheet please that i could print out, thanks in advance tracy x
  3. Tracys Beauty

    LVL lash training booked

    Hi beauty geeks I've finally booked onto the lvl lash course, I can't wait, I'm training in there London centre on the 18th March, is anyone else booked on to the course on that day x
  4. Tracys Beauty

    Intimate wax timing

    Hello geeks I've now done my intimate wax course with Lycon last week and have done 4 so far which takes me around 45mins, I no I'll get quicker with the more I do, but just wanted to to know how long you all take Tracy x
  5. Tracys Beauty

    Perron Rigot Visage wax temperature

    Hi geeks I've got visage but not got the bag to see what the correct temperature should be,I've got a digital heater, Tracy x
  6. Tracys Beauty

    Intimate waxing tips

    Hello waxing geeks I will be offering intimate waxing from the 1st of July I've been looking to do this treatment for over a year now and finally took the plunge and booked onto a course, I've been waxing for 15 years but never done a Brazilian or Hollywood, I'm really nervous so any advice...
  7. Tracys Beauty

    Wax trolley

    Hi geeks I've been looking for a nice waxing trolley, does anyone have any recommendations, it needs to be big enough for my double heater Thanks tracy x
  8. Tracys Beauty

    Which Perron Rigot wax to use

    I have a full leg and bikini was in tonight and I have just got in some intimate 4 to do the bikini area, can I use this on her legs to, I also have Euroblonde and the pink sensitive from Sally's, and also the strip wax crystal ocean Which one would be better to do both to save me heating up...
  9. Tracys Beauty

    Apraise eyelash tint kit

    I've just seen this advertised on salons direct, does anyone know who it's made by and if any of you geeks have used it Thanks tracy
  10. Tracys Beauty

    Best Perron Rigot wax for fine facial hair

    I have a client that has a lot of blonde fluffy facial hair, I used Euroblonde but it didn't seem to remove the hair from her chin, What would be the best wax to use for this type of hair, I've not tried the visage would this be better Thank you tracy x
  11. Tracys Beauty

    Perron Rigot waxing pricing

    I've just ordered the Perron Rigot Euroblonde as I've read so much about it, I normally use just wax strip wax and have used it for years but wanted to change to a better quality wax, I ordered from beauty express, I have ordered the Jasmin oil and the blue lotion, I normally use per wax...
  12. Tracys Beauty

    Salon System wax heater inserts

    Hi I've got the salon system wax heater and use standard wax pots in it, they have a new range of hot wax and disposable inserts, and was wondering if you could use one of the metal inserts into to this heater instead of using the plastic one Thanks in advance
  13. Tracys Beauty

    Sculpting with Nail Graphix

    I thought I would have a play with ruby slippers nail graphix, I sculpted a nail and put a clear over the top, then filed the nail but on the reverse of the nail it's really rough , I've only used it with tips before and not forms, has anyone used them with forms before and found it not very...
  14. Tracys Beauty

    Doing my Master Painter next week

    Hello I'm doing my master painter on Wednesday and really looking forward to it, has anyone done it recently and what sort of things will we be doing, I have my list of equipment to take so I'm guessing some art, but what do we need our brisa lite kits for?? Tracy
  15. Tracys Beauty

    Dialight and diarichesse

    Are these permanent colours or semi, I usually use koleston but had a leaflet from Sally's and look good x
  16. Tracys Beauty

    Pamper party parents consent form needed

    hello i have a pamper party tomorrow booked at late notice and was going to pop the parents consent form round and i have lost my disc with my form on, has anyone got a template of one i could use as i dont have time to make a new one, thanks in advance tracy
  17. Tracys Beauty

    Shellac on toe nails

    My mother in law had shellac on her toes beginning of June last year and just informs me she has just cut the last of it off, it's been 10 months and it has grown off her toes, she is amazed it stayed perfect for that long These were my very first set of shellac as well x
  18. Tracys Beauty

    Red additives

    I've got some red additives and wanted to make a red acrylic, Just wanted to have. Play around and try laboutines( think that's spelt right) How much would I need to mix with acrylic powder and would I use white or clear powder, Thanks in advance
  19. Tracys Beauty

    CND Additives Twinkle Collection

    Hello it's been a while since I've posted and want to get some additives and want the twinkle collection but sweet squared don't have this one, has it been discontinued, and on YouTube I've seen since case with them in is this available Thanks TRACY
  20. Tracys Beauty

    Which course to do for massage

    I want to start doing massage but is confused which course to do,my local college has a itec level 3 massage or a nvq vtct level 3 massage, what is the difference, I currently have a city and guilds level 2 beauty therapy Thanks Tracy